Q: You spend a lot of time down at NXT [the WWE developmental organization], seemingly a lot more time than many of the other main roster superstars. Is there a reason you spend so much time there?

A: I'm living in Florida right now. NXT is a great show, and a great opportunity for the guys there to get noticed. To me, it's a great chance to see what the new talent is and step in the ring with them. There aren't a lot of veterans out there anymore on the independents that can get in the ring with the younger guys and show them what it's all about and challenge the young guys and make them step up their game. I enjoy doing that at NXT. It's also a chance for me to get to step into the ring with guys like William Regal or settle an old score with Sami Zayn. It's fun for me, and if I have a day off, I'd rather spend the day wrestling than having the day off.

Q: Do you almost view it as a responsibility for someone who has had as much time in the ring as you have to show some of the younger guys the ropes?

A: It's not necessarily a responsibility. I think it's about leading by example, and for me that's about working really hard. That means if you have a chance to step in the ring, you step in the ring every single time you can. If there's a show within two hours driving distance from where I live, I'll try to get out there, and show them what they have to compete with.

Q: You mentioned settling a score with Sami Zayn [the former El Generico in Ring of Honor and other independent organizations]. The 2 out of 3 falls match you had with him on NXT is something that a lot of wrestling fans have raved about. Can you talk a little bit about that match?

A: I've wrestled Sami Zayn all over the world. Some guys come in here with an attitude that they know it all and that they're extremely good and they can cut it. Maybe Sami Zayn was one of those people. And it was fun to step in the ring with him and show him that no, you have to compete at an entirely different level here. He came close, and I think that will help him be much better and he'll work even harder now, and it helped me get much better. It was great to see the fans appreciate that, and I thought we gave the fans something special that night.

Q: Your old partner Kassius Ohno [formerly Chris Hero] was recently released from the company. Are you disappointed at all that he's no longer with the organization?

A: It certainly was disappointing. When we signed with this company, we both knew what we were getting into. We both made each other a promise that we would work as hard as possible, whether it's as a team or singles competitors. I know he'll wind up on his feet, and he probably already is, and he'll continue wrestling all over the world.

Q: Old School RAW is coming up in Baltimore next week. Are you excited for the show?

A: I'm really looking forward to Old School RAW. It's my favorite RAW of the year. I am extremely excited. Like I said before, the wrestling business is all about respect. I consider myself old school, as in the way I was brought into wrestling, and the way I made it to the WWE, it was similar to the old territory system. To see all those guys who did it that way before me, it's tremendous. I love Old School RAW, and I'm excited for Monday in Baltimore.

Q: Is there any one guy you are most looking forward to seeing there?

A: Well, I guess we'll have to wait and see who's going to be there. That's part of the fun, that you don't really know who is coming back. It's always a surprise and it brings back a lot of memories.

Q: Finally, what should we expect from Antonio Cesaro in 2014?

A: Even bigger and better things than you saw in 2013. That's what I try to do every day, to get better, and that's what I'm going to do in 2014.