** Zack Ryder won a single's match on television -- not sure when the last time that happened would be. Ryder defeated Heath Slater, one of few people lower on the card than himself, in quick fashion. Slater actually dominated the match, and the action wasn't bad while it lasted, but there was no reason to be emotionally invested in this match. They couldn't have let Ryder do this in Long Island? After the match, Ryder had a run-in with Damien Sandow, so expect a match between those two soon.

** Santino Marella continued his quest to make the United States Championship the most irrelevant title in professional wrestling. Rather than actually defending the belt, he was in a stupid, pointless in-ring segment where he invited a "fan" into the ring. The lady was wearing his shirt and had her own cobra sock puppet. When she grabbed Marella and kissed him, he fainted in the ring. Why did I have to see? If it was a segment for the live crowd, fine, that's what the live experience is about, but this had no business being on television.

** Mick Foley's appearances as guest GM of Raw and Smackdown didn't really amount to much. Tonight, he was mostly limited to senseless segments, including an absolutely awful one with Guerrero and Great Khali that saw the giant and the hardcore legend doing the Dude Love dance.

**Ryback once again sang the same old song. Some want to see him squashing three jobbers. I want to see him do something meaningful.


Match Rundown

Ryback d. Frank Venezia and Jared Wachtler

Alberto Del Rio d. Christian

Kane d. Daniel Bryan

Zack Ryder d. Heath Slater

Prime Time Players d. The Usos

Sheamus d. Dolph Ziggler


My Take

For the most part, tonight's Smackdown was a good show. Bryan, Kane, Del Rio, Christian, Ziggler and Sheamus gave us some highly entertaining matches that carried the show.  The Marella segment brought down the show a notch, but thankfully, even that was kept short. Overall, the good outweighed the bad. WWE has been producing a completely mixed bag of programming lately, but this fell on the positive side.

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