WWE Raw recap: The Undertaker competes, 'Fandangoing' returns

Ever since the day after WrestleMania, when "Fandangoing" became a thing, we knew that when WWE returned to the United Kingdom just weeks later, that it would all resume.

Sure, the Fandango theme singing craze took a dip in between, but it's genesis was truly fans in the United Kingdom who made the trip to WrestleMania. So it comes as no surprise that the singing and dancing was out in full force on WWE Raw.

I think WWE did a great job with the trend and weaving it into the show -- from using the theme song as a distraction for Chris Jericho in his match against Dolph Ziggler to having Fandango match up against William Regal (perhaps one of the only guys on the roster who could shift the crowd's attention). During their (short) match, the crowd sang for Regal.

There was one other superstar who diverted the fans' attention for a prolonged period of time -- The Undertaker.

In what will likely be his final match in the United Kingdom, The Undertaker teamed with Kane and Daniel Bryan to face The Shield (side fact: when The Undertaker debuted in WWE in 1990, Roman Reigns was 5 years old, and both Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were 4).

The Undertaker has reached such iconic status in WWE that simply having your theme music interrupt a promo from him, like The Shield did last week, gives you the proverbial "rub" from the fans.

This week, having The Shield defeat the trio, even though it was Daniel Bryan who was pinned, gives the team even more credibility. There aren't many WWE superstars, if any, who command that kind of power and respect.


* Triple H accepted Brock Lesnar's challenge and gave a pedigree to Paul Heyman.

* R Truth pinned Antonio Cesaro, while Big E Langston crushed Zack Ryder. At this point, Cesaro and Ryder can form a tag team ... but, of course, not many would notice.

* Speaking of tag teams, Damien Sandow beat Brodus Clay and Tensai beat Cody Rhodes. I don't mind this tag team division feud, especially since it's a tag team division feud not involving the tag team titles.

* Dolph Ziggler beat Chris Jericho -- finally, the champion wins one!

* It looks like NXT talent Summer Rae is Fandango's new dancer. No word if it's permanent.

* AJ is once again the No. 1 contender to the Divas title after winning a battle royal. That seems to be the consistent/easy way to crown No. 1 contenders.

* Ryback and Mick Foley jousted verbally (note: I personally don't think Ryback should ever say "archaic" in a promo again), until John Cena showed up, fended off The Shield then delivered an Attitude Adjustment to Ryback. The road to Extreme Rules continues.

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