* Kane and Randy Orton continued their daddy issues this week, as Orton locked Paul Bearer in a freezer. Kane, though, said he had no intention of saving Bearer, as he's always believed the devil himself to be his true father. At the point, Bearer has died more times than Kenny from "South Park," so does it really have the big of an emotional effect? The two then brawled, and in the end, Orton stood tall after beating Kane with a steel pipe.

* Lesnar's assault on Josh Matthews backstage made for a good segment. WWE has tried to establish Lesnar as the heel in this feud, and this helped put some heat on him. What didn't help was playing the exact same interview video that was played on both Raw and Smackdown last week.

* Eve seduced her way into an executive role in Laurinaitis' administration. The short promo played of Eve's character that's been established in recent months, and it will be interesting to see where the angle heads from here.

* Edge showed he hasn't lost a step on the microphone during his year away from the business. He did a good job in his show-opening promo with Cena, trying to wake up the Cena of the past who was willing to get serious and take care of business.

* I found it "interesting" that the two clips of Lesnar's past WWE focused on showed him destroying Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle, two main event talents now working for the competition.

* Teddy Long screwed up Cena's introduction. This is why I wish Long had ridden off into the sunset of retirement after WrestleMania.

* Was there really a match sponsored by Taco Bell? I'm not even sure what to say about that.

Match Rundown

Chris Jericho d. Kofi Kingston

Lord Tensai d. R-Truth

Big Show and The Great Khali d. Cody Rhodes and Alberto Del Rio

Nikki Bella d. Beth Phoenix to win the Divas Championship

Mark Henry d. Sheamus with Daniel Bryan as the guest referee

Santino Marella and Zack Ryder d. Primo and Epico in a non-title match

Brodus Clay and Hornswoggle d. Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler by disqualification

My Take

It seems like all the critical elements of Monday night's three-hour Raw could have been easily fit into a normal two-hour episode. So much of the episode felt like filler that was unnecessary and dragged the show down. As the go-home Raw for the Extreme Rules pay-per-view, this was a pretty weak outing in my opinion. I will likely be watching the PPV on replay, for the sake of having a full outlook heading into next week's recaps, but I am frankly glad I will be taking in a live Chikara Pro event in Indiana rather than sitting in the Rosemont Horizon, a mere three hours away.

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