On paper, Sunday night's WrestleMania looked as if it could be one of the strongest installments in the event's 28-year history.

In execution, it was anything but. I personally avoided Twitter and Facebook, so that the thoughts I would be sharing here would be as purely mine as much as possible.

The show lacked the feel of WrestleMania; the first hour felt rushed and most of the matches seemed to be missing something. The show wasn't bad by any means, so I don't want people to misread what I am saying, but I expected more.

There will surely be people raving about each and every match on the show, and I won't argue personal opinions with anyone, but in my eyes, WrestleMania fell short of the mark. Maybe the bar had been set too high in my eyes.

But two new champions were crowned, the main event lived up to the hype and had a shocking result and there are plenty of questions and unknowns moving forward.

To me, this year's WrestleMania did more to set up intrigue and wonder for what comes next than it did cap off the past year worth of build.

Here is a match-by-match breakdown of the show, written as the pay-per-view progressed.

World Heavyweight Championship

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

Seeing this match open the show wasn't surprising. Seeing it last less than five seconds was.

Every WrestleMania has that token match that ends with one signature move, but having that happen in a world title match and the show opener was not a good way to start off the show.

After my interview with Sheamus, this was one of my most anticipated matches for the show. These two had something to prove after being bumped from last year's event, but this match did nothing to accomplish that.

Sheamus winning was inevitable and acceptable, but did it really need to come at this much of Bryan's expense?

The crowd, which was filled with signs supporting Bryan, was vocal with its displeasure, chanting "Daniel Bryan" throughout the next match.

Randy Orton vs. Kane

With the result of the second match, it had become clear WWE wanted to create the image that anything can happen at WrestleMania.

Kane defeated Randy Orton cleanly, which very few -- if any -- people predicted. This feud now seems destined to continue at Extreme Rules later this month.

As for the match itself, it was a decent contest and about what you would expect from these two. The focus of the match was on their brawling style, and Kane hit two chokeslams, one from the second rope.

I had expected more false finishes, at least one from an Orton RKO, so I was a little shocked when Orton failed to kick out at the finish.

Intercontinental Championship