Diamond Dallas Page on Dave Grohl, WCW, threatened lawsuits and more

Baltimore Sun Ring Posts columnist and theScore Television Network on-air personality Arda Ocal sat down recently with Diamond Dallas Page. Among the topics discussed were:

* DDP Yoga. How Shawn Michaels was the first WWE superstar to use it after injury, how Chris Jericho caught wind and is now the unofficial ambassador for the product and how other WWE superstars have also started using it.

* How Dave Grohl, front man for the Foo Fighters and former drummer for Nirvana, was very upset at DDP and WCW over his "Self High Five" theme music and how Grohl almost sued WCW.

* Thoughts on Randy Orton using the RKO (essentially DDP's "Diamond Cutter") and how the two had a conversation about it.

* Not liking the "Undertaker stalker" angle in WWE but enjoying working with Christian as the optimist character.

* How he would have debuted himself in WWE against The Rock. "You stole my 'People's Champ' gimmick."

* His opinion on WrestleMania 28.



Arda Ocal is an on-air personality with theScore Television Network. Check out his posts on the #AftermathBlog.

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