Despite some apparent flaws, according to DiBiase there was one fundamental reason why the character didn't work.

“That character isn't me,” DiBiase admits. “I'm not a cocky, arrogant guy. So sometimes that doesn't come off as well. Now I'm in a position where I'm getting to be me and fans are getting know me. Now I'm a good guy. I’m trying to stay away from the money (angle) as far as I can. I even got new trunks. I was thinking I like hunting, and I wear camouflage a lot so I'll incorporate that in my new attire. Hopefully it will just grow from here.”

There's another challenge. Even when DiBiase was coming to the ring as a good guy, his theme music was still the villainous “I Come From Money.”  He hopes a change is coming.

“Honestly I hope (WWE) reads this. I have been begging for new music. I actually had my very own song written for me called "We're Country Strong" by Rolling Fork. My buddy Chris Celum wrote the song, produced it, and sang in it. It's really good for an entrance song. I told him that's the style I wanted. Maybe when I get back (WWE) will jump on it because I still come out to "I Come From Money" and it's killing me," DiBiase said with a laugh.

WWE recently announced that The Miz will play the title role in the third installment of “The Marine” film series. DiBiase starred in the second film as Sgt. Joe Linwood. There were no discussions for him to star in the third.

“Whether it was discussed, I'll never know. I can understand; Miz has a higher star power, and I can see why, but I can say with pride that Marine 2 was the second-most profitable WWE film to this day. I think only three have been profitable. Marine 2 was second behind the first Marine film and that was six months after it debuted on TV. I'm not saying it was 'cause of me. I think our director did an outstanding job with such a low budget. It did well and I'm happy with it. I wish The Miz good luck. I think he will do a good job and it will be interesting to see what kind of take he has on being a Marine, cause Miz is loud and boisterous, but he's been in the business so I'm sure he will do very well. I wish the guy all the luck in the world.”

DiBiase hopes that acting is in his future, but for now his plate is full with an impending WWE return and a newborn son. With professional wrestling constantly surrounding his family (on top of his father, grandfather and grandmother, his brothers Mike and Brett are also wrestlers), one question will remain in the back of his mind until Tate is old enough to get between the ropes and into the ring: will my son want to become a professional wrestler? DiBiase has already given this a lot of thought.

“I'll tell Tate exactly what my father told me, which is, 'You are your own man, and you can make your own choices, but you're not going to attempt being a wrestler until you finish your education first. Once you get your education, you're a grown man, you can do what you want, and I'll support you 110 percent.' I'll help Tate as much as I can, let him know it's going to be hard, probably harder, 'cause he is a DiBiase. When you're a DiBiase, that doesn't mean you're a shoe-in in WWE. I have two brothers that are not there. It's harder because those that have gone before you have, you're always gonna be compared to them. I'll be there to support him, be happy for him either way. As long as he follows through his commitment, and gives his 110 percent, I'll be a happy father.”

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