Team Rhodes wins WWE tag team championship on Monday Night Raw

Whenever there is a WWE United States, Intercontinental or tag team title change, I ask the same questions:

* Will the new champion(s) elevate the title(s)' worth or does this title win help that/those superstar(s)' career?

* Will the title(s) be defended more?

* Will the title(s) begin to matter again?

Maybe I should accept the state of these secondary championships and not compare them to their heyday in WWE. Maybe I should be happy when a special moment on WWE programming is created surrounding these titles.

Last night on WWE Raw, there was a special moment -- Team Rhodes (Cody Rhodes and Goldust) defeated The Shield (Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins) in a no-disqualification match to win the tag team titles. Suddenly, the gold (bronze) mattered again. Even for that single moment. The Rhodes duo has been at the forefront of the Triple H/Stephanie McMahon regime storyline, and it's been quite entertaining, so seeing them winning championships is perceived to be a big deal to the WWE universe.

Naturally then, you assume that the tag team titles will mean something again. But then you take a step back -- perhaps the sole reason Team Rhodes holds the gold is because it knocks The Shield (Triple H's henchmen) down a peg -- wrangling those titles away from the "Hounds of Justice" trio makes them look weak; a crease in their vests, so to speak. It makes sense for that story, but does that mean that Team Rhodes will defend the titles often enough for us to get reinvested in them? Time will tell.

But as I said before, maybe we should just enjoy the fact that the match was terrific, the title win was a great moment and it adds to the overall storyline that's been unfolding for the past couple months, because after all, it was definitely that -- enjoyable.

What else you need to know from WWE Raw:

* After two "Beat The Clock" matches that saw CM Punk edge out Ryback's time by 12 seconds and thus choose the stipulation at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, the match is now CM Punk vs. Ryback and Paul Heyman inside Satan's Structure. Some #TheLittleThings in the Ryback-R Truth match -- I loved R Truth stalling for time to begin by jumping out of the ring and slapping hands with fans, then breaking the referee's count at 9 and doing it again. When Ryback hit the ShellShock, I understand completely the need to face the hard camera side when making a pinfall, but if every milisecond counts in a beat-the-clock challenge, would a superstar's first thought truly be to turn 180 degrees so he's sure he's facing the hard camera side after he hits his finishing move for the pinfall before the referee counts to three? Maybe I'm nitpicking. OK, I'm definitely nitpicking, but hey, #TheLittleThings (the details) matter and that's why I point them out!

* Shawn Michaels started the show, and Randy Orton sort of threatened him, but the Heartbreak Kid got the better of him. Michaels mentioned that his first Hell in a Cell match against The Undertaker was in St. Louis (where Raw was last night).

* Randy Orton beat The Miz by RKO. This match needed more of The Miz's father. The Wyatts came out after the match and ran down Miz's lifestyle of red carpets and tanning.

* Los Matadores once again beat 3MB. Basically, with all the matches lately, it feels like Los Matadores are the Harlem Globetrotters and 3MB are the Washington Generals.

* The Real Americans beat Tons of Funk and Tensai got the Giant Swing. I still maintain that the next impressive Giant Swing will be two superstars at the same time. I'm still looking squarely at Los Matadores.

* Tamina beat Brie Bella by pinfall. Brie Bella is being interjected much more into the Daniel Bryan-Orton storyline, which gives it a sense of realism. If this were 10 years ago, a plot twist you might see coming was that Brie Bella and Orton were in cahoots all along and they kiss over Bryan's unconscious body after Brie Bella turned her back on him. But we know they are engaged. Well, I shouldn't say that. Stranger things have happened in WWE.

* Bryan and Alberto Del Rio were having a great match until Bryan went to save Brie Bella from Orton backstage and got attacked. A lot of little things were very entertaining in that match.

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