Ring Posts roundup: Tough Enough's return, SummerSlam venue and WWE Raw reunion

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In this week's Ring Posts Roundup, the return of an old show, some old wrestlers and more.

This week on the Ring Posts Roundup, we look at the return of a WWE series, the location of SummerSlam, and who will be appearing on Raw this week.

-- The USA Network announced that WWE Tough Enough will be brought back for a sixth season. For those who haven't watched any of the previous seasons, Tough Enough was a reality show that started as an MTV show, and later moved to USA (with one season held entirely in segments on WWE SmackDown). The winner (or winners) would get WWE contracts. While the show didn't produce many stars, The Miz, John Morrison and Ryback all started on the show. There had been talks about bringing back the show earlier in the year as an addition to the WWE Network, but instead, it will be on the USA Network.

It will be interesting to see how USA deals with the show. In the announcement, USA president Chris McCumber said the format will be tweaked, and it will include more live elements. The only reason I can think of to include live elements is if this will be closer to an American Idol-style show, where the audience has an opportunity to vote. The other question is who will be involved with the show. The early MTV seasons specifically picked people who had little-to-no experience wrestling. The latest season, in 2011, on MTV did have some contestants with little experience, but some also had years of wrestling training, including independent star M-Dogg 20/Matt Cross. When the show was first rumored for the WWE Network, much of the talk revolved around primarily using wrestlers who were already under developmental contracts for the company but weren't yet on NXT. There are a lot of unknowns right now, including who the host will be (hosts in the past have included "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Taz and Al Snow), but it should provide some extra entertainment for wrestling fans when it does run.

-- As we've known for months, for the first time in years, the WWE decided to not have SummerSlam in Los Angeles. Instead the company decided to have it at the Izod Center in New Jersey. Last week, the WWE ran into a major problem, as it was announced that the Izod Center would be shutting its doors, and could even be demolished by the end of March. The WWE quickly put out a statement when this was announced, saying, “WWE is currently looking at alternatives and we are confident that we will come up with an equivalent, if not better, option for SummerSlam.”

Most likely, the WWE will not make a major move. The Prudential Center in Newark, N.J., most likely will be available, and it would be a quick and logical move for the WWE (and also would be an upgrade over the Izod Center). The one interesting possibility that the WWE was considering before choosing the Izod Center is Red Bull Arena, the home of Major League Soccer's New York Red Bulls. It's an open-air stadium that would truly give the show a mini-WrestleMania feel. The biggest problem is that Red Bull Arena has never hosted anything besides soccer, but it would certainly be different to see a non-WrestleMania show outdoors.

-- As advertised, WWE Raw this week will feature a “Raw reunion” event. This seems to be another version of the “Old School Raw” that they usually have in January. We don't know exactly what it will consist of, but we do know some of the names. They include Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash (after the charges against him were dropped), Jimmy Hart, Billy Gunn and X-Pac. While we don't know exactly what to expect, it is interesting that the core of both the nWo and D-Generation X both will be in attendance.

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