They may not have been the best Rumble years, but 1996 and 1997 saw some “international flavor” to the Royal Rumble match. This was the era of “athletes from around the world want to enter the Rumble and win the event”. In 1996, the likes of Takao Omori, The Samoan Swat Team, Doug Gilbert and Dory Funk Jr. (the latter two not WWE Superstars at the time) entered the Rumble, while 1997 saw a core group of Luchadors, including every match on the “Free for All” prior to the event and a six-man tag team matchup before the Rumble match itself, which saw Mil Mascaras (who eliminated himself), Pierroth, Cibernetico and Latin Lover enter the match.


Royal Rumble 2005:

Gene Snitsky: “I like you, John.....”

John Heidenreich: “I like you, too, Gene....”

This ranked up there with Mae Young giving birth to a hand.


Overall, The Royal Rumble event (particularly the Rumble match itself) is one of the most anticipated events of the year, with good reason. This year there is much speculation on who will win the Rumble match. Here is my idea, involving Chris Jericho.

I will leave you with my MVS (Most Valuable Superstar) of each past Royal Rumble match. Enjoy the Rumble. I will be live tweeting the event @arda_ocal

1988 – Jim Duggan

1989 – Hulk Hogan

1990 – Mr. Perfect

1991 – Rick Martel

1992 – Bobby Heenan / Ric Flair (also delivering perhaps the best Royal Rumble interview in history)

1993 – Bob Backlund / Yokozuna

1994 – Diesel

1995 – HBK

1996 – Vader

1997 – Steve Austin / Jerry Lawler

1998 – Mick Foley (three faces of Foley all in the same Rumble)