I don’t know about that. I don’t think there’s a science to how I got so followed on Twitter. I just tweet. I tweet about stupid things. Sometimes I’m there, sometimes I’m not. I interact with the fans, and that’s what got me those numbers so high. I think my fellow superstars know what they’re doing. No one comes to me for Twitter advice. I’ll help some guys out by re-tweeting something. I don’t think I’m known backstage just for my number of followers on Twitter. 

Perception is reality, right? I feel like society almost is starting to place an importance on how many followers you have on Twitter, wouldn’t you agree? 

Absolutely. I remember three years ago I actually picked up a girl at bar by saying, 'I have 150,000 Twitter followers.' And now I have over a million, and she was impressed by that? It’s cool. I’m not saying that it’s not cool. I love it. It got me a little angry with the WWE. They did something on Raw -- the five most followed superstars -- and they left me off the list. 


Yeah, it was a big thing. They put, Rock, Cena, Punk, Orton and Miz. I’m pretty sure I have 100,000 more than The Miz.

I’m impressed that your Twitter follower count picked you up a girl. How did that conversation go?

It was a conversation that was really going nowhere. Then one of my friends came in and said, 'Hey, you know this guy has 150,000 Twitter followers?' She was impressed. It was a dull conversation and that brought some light into it.

Are you going to wear a shirt to the bar now that says, “I have over a million followers.”

Absolutely not. (Laughs)

Are you surprised that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon joined Twitter?

I’m not surprised. I mean, everyone is on Twitter. I saw Triple H's tweet. He’s like he joined the nerd fest, but I’m sure he’ll enjoy it. Everyone’s doing it. I’m sure they’ll both enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed it. It’s fun to tweet back and forth with your fans. It’s a cool little concept and I’m glad it’s taken off.

Do you think we’ll ever see Vince McMahon on Twitter?

I’m surprised he’s not on there right now.


Yeah, Vince is always at the forefront of everything, so I’m sure he’ll be on it, too. Then he’ll make it bigger than ever. If anyone can make anything bigger, it’s Vince McMahon.

One of the characters on Z True Long Island Story was Dolph Ziggler and the 'Ask the Heel' feature on stories that you guys made together. I think that among a lot of fans, the big buzz topic is the fact that Dolph Ziggler continues to lose seemingly every week on TV, despite the fact that he has the Money in the Bank briefcase. I want to get your thoughts on him and where he's at.

I mean, if there’s anyone who deserves to be on TV more than me, it's Dolph Ziggler. It’s a shame what’s going on with him right now. He’s had the greatest year possible, winning Money in the Bank, stealing the show night after night. Finally, the fans have recognized him. His shirt sells out, he beat John Cena at TLC and he works hard all year, and now it’s the home stretch to WrestleMania and he's not even on the show yet. He deserves that shot more than anybody, and I hope in the weeks coming he gets his 'Mania spot.

What about for you though? How do you approach WrestleMania based on where you are right now? Do you proactively have conversations with the right people? Do you just sit around and hope and wait? What do you do?

At this point, I am a realist. I see the writing on the wall. If there’s some sort of miracle, I don’t know if I’m going to be on WrestleMania, but it just gives me more fuel and more motivation to make sure that I don’t miss it next year.

Arda Ocal is an on-air personality with the Score Television Network (www.thescoretv.ca). Follow him on Twitter @arda_ocal (http://www.twitter.com/arda_ocal)