What are your thoughts then on Impact going live on Thursdays and also the time slot change (to 8 p.m. ET)?

I think it's great. I mean, an earlier time slot's always going to be helpful in trying to generate new fans, younger fans, bringing more attention to our company, to our wrestling product. So I think the time change is great. I think people are just slowly starting to get used to that time change because we've been on at nine o'clock for so long, so that hour earlier is obviously going to be a big change, but I think it's going to be helpful in the long run. And of course, live TV, I think that’s how wrestling should be. I think it should be live. As the performers look at it from my standpoint, you have to be on, you have to be ready and there’s no second takes and there’s no re-dos. So, like I said, it gives that little extra excitement, you know it gets you pumped up a little more and it gets you ready. And I think as wrestling fans go, too, I think the element of surprise is better, too.

If people watch IMPACT they'll see things that they don't normally see. I remember one segment a few weeks ago where, there's Hulk [Hogan] and Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle sitting in a room with Bully Ray and A.J. Styles talking about how 'We have to derail this Bobby Roode train.' It's just a segment you wouldn't normally envision in a pro wrestling show. What do you make of these new ways of presenting professional wrestling?

The way I look at it, I mean wrestling is so ... everything's been done. And I guess what's old can be new again, but you can try new things as well, things that have never been done before. And we're trying to do that. The wrestling business has been exposed to a certain extent and everybody knows that it's a performance, so to speak, so I think people behind the scenes and seeing what actually does go on give it that reality feel, and with reality TV being so predominant right now on our television over the last several years, I think bringing that element to our wrestling show is going to entertain more people and possibly bring more viewers to our show. Then, why not?

Who are guys that you say, 'You know what? I want to work with this guy in the future?'

We're all really in the same sort of era. Samoa Joe is a guy that comes to mind. He's a guy that's been to the top of the mountain before, but I really think he's got a lot of legs left and he's really underutilized, and I think that him and I can produce something really special. Austin Aries is a guy that has been the longest-reigning 'X Division' champion, has proven himself all over the world before he even got to TNA, and is well-respected in the industry, so I think he's a guy to look out for and I look forward to working with. But like I said, our roster top to bottom is solid as can be. I think Gunner has a hell of a future, too, as a top guy, so this company is not short on talent, that's for sure.

Some great moments and memories for you in TNA, does one stick out for you in particular?

Obviously winning the world title. For that particular reason, winning the world title, wrestling against my partner, my former partner at the time, that whole change in character, that change in attitude really brought me to where I am today. I mean there's been lots of great memories, some that people saw via pay-per-view, via TV. But one of the greatest memories was in January, overseas doing live events in England, I got an opportunity to do a six-man tag every night. My partners were Kurt Angle and Bully Ray, and we wrestled against Storm, Hulk Hogan and Sting. It was pretty surreal, a pretty cool moment four nights in a row being able to wrestle against Sting and Hulk Hogan at the same time. It's something I can hang my hat on. I've had a lot of great opportunities and a lot of great times here, and hopefully they'll continue.

How do people reach you?

A lot of people don't like to call me. I don't know, people don't like to talk to me very much. I do Twitter @RealBobbyRoode, but I only go on there once in a while.

You don't strike me as someone who necessarily loves social networking.

I'm going to be honest with you -- I hate social networking. The only reason why I'm on Twitter is because Dixie Carter made me. I'll go on Twitter every now and again and just say some things. Normally it's just to hype wrestling and to hype what's coming on TV and whatnot. But, I don't do Facebook, never have, never will. So if there's any Bobby Roode Facebook people out there, that's not me. But yeah, social media ... I'm not a big fan of the internet or social media.

So for TNA's next pay-per-view, Destination X (Sunday July 8), to people reading who may not have purchased one before, why should they?

I mean just coming off the heels of 'Slamiversary,' where top to bottom every match was a main event, literally. We started of with an 'X Division' title match with Samoa Joe and Austin Aries that blew the roof off the place and it just continued on from there. The guys and girls in our locker room give 1,000 percent every night. When it comes to live TV, when it comes to live events for that matter, such as these ones coming up in Oshawa and Hamilton this weekend, I think people that haven't been able to catch TNA IMPACT, the show or live event, need to check it out. Rent a pay-per-view, give us a chance and we'll make you a fan. I promise.