If both men get attacked by the lumberjacks, as opposed to the typical situation where only one man is attacked while the other is ignored, it could add to the match.

I don’t expect this feud to end here, and it will probably last until Hell in a Cell in October. Because of that, I expect Rollins to win, in probably a tainted victory.

Maybe a handful of lumberjacks will be paid off by the Authority to help Rollins at the end, or something like that. But it should be fun to watch these two go at it for another couple months.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Brie Bella vs. Stephanie McMahon

Finally, after all the build for months, this match is here. McMahon will actually get back into the ring for the first time since 2003 (an "I Quit" match against her father in Baltimore).

This match could go either way and, unusually, sportsbooks that carry wrestling bets are reflecting that, putting them at nearly identical odds.

There are two main scenarios that could play out here. The first is that Bella gets her revenge. It’s a pretty simple scenario. Just like Bryan finally got his revenge in his first match with Triple H, Bella will get her revenge in her first match with McMahon.

The problem with this is that I question if McMahon would get back into ring shape and get back in the ring for the first time in over a decade just for one match. It seems a bit counter-intuitive. I’m leaning toward saying Stephanie will win, and probably with some shenanigans. 

One interesting way to do it would be to have Bella’s sister, Nikki, turn on her and help McMahon win. The Bellas aren't natural faces, and while it's worked for Brie being associated with  Bryan, and going against McMahon, Nikki has had a harder time adjusting to being a face.

This would allow her to get back into her more natural heel role. There are a few problems with this though.

The first is that with Total Divas still being a big part of the promotion, would they want Nikki to be a heel? Of course, the response to that question could be that it would make for more drama on the show.

The second, and one that isn’t answered as easily, is how would you rectify the fact that John Cena is associated with evil Nikki? Granted, on RAW itself they haven’t associated the two, but with Total Divas going on, it’s something that needs to be brought up if they do go this route.

These questions make it harder to choose a winner, but one way or another I do think Stephanie pulls it out

Winner: Stephanie McMahon

John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Title

And here we are, to the main event. I’ve been saying for months that this is where Brock Lesnar capitalizes off of his win over the Undertaker, and takes the title. I’m not moving off that stance.

It makes too much sense in a time when they’re trying so hard to push the Network and regain the casual fan. They’re also likely going to be debuting a new belt with their logo change (if you missed it, the WWE changed its logo to the one they had been using for the WWE Network).

With a new belt typically comes a new champion. While people decry the ending to the match between these two at Extreme Rules 2012, many forget just how good of a match it was before the ending.

While I don’t necessarily envision this rivaling the Punk/Lesnar showdown from last year, it could certainly be a truly great match, as these two have styles that mesh so well.

So, despite knowing the probable winner, and despite the crowd continuing to boo Cena, I’m looking forward to sitting back and just watching the two of them absolutely destroy each other.

And when it’s all over, for the first time since 2003, I expect Paul Heyman to be able to add WWE World Heavyweight Champion to the long list of accolades he reads off for Lesnar.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Thoughts? Predictions of your own? Leave them below or find me on Twitter: @TheAOster