Los Matadores' debut headlines shoulder-shrugging episode of WWE Raw

Sometimes the oddest things stick out to you from a three-hour sports entertainment program.

This week, on a very shoulder-shrugging edition of WWE Raw in which the crowd sat on their hands and much of the interactions between superstars was nothing new -- but still necessary in a way to lead their respective stories to Sunday's WWE Battleground pay-per-view -- the thing that stuck out to me was the debut of Los Matadores.

Formerly Epico and Primo, they are now the newly repackaged Diego and Fernando. At first, we didn't really know if this team would be heels or babyfaces -- they appeared, took off their hats, waved their capotes (capes) and suddenly, a mini bull, "El Torito," appeared. Formerly a spectacular talent in Mexico named Mascarita Dorada, his costume -- part-Giant Gonzales and part-Mantaur, was comical yet endearing.

Then, their music hit, which sounded like a throwback to 1980s World Wrestling Federation themes, with an emphasis on Tito Santana's old theme -- but not the one he used as El Matador, which is ironic because there are many comparisons made between his El Matador character and Los Matadores.

The trio got in the ring and El Torito jumped around, in impressive fashion, then landed on Diego and Fernando's shoulders, all of them happy and smiling, as the crowd went mild (not because it wasn't entertaining per se, but because the crowd volume was pretty disappointing last night).

The match was what you would expect from a tag-team debut -- lots of offense, a new finisher and 3MB losing. After the match, El Torito danced around again and a team was born.

El Torito puts this team over the top, much like how Rosa Mendes helped propel Epico and Primo in the past. A mini bull and Matadors coming out to peppy music with a bull logo on the TitanTron as the crowd (and commentators) yell Ole? Why not, it was entertaining, at least for this week.

In case you missed the debut:

What else you need to know from Raw:

* Oh right, there's a pay-per-view in six days.

* R Truth beat Curtis Axel because he was distracted. I certainly don't think R Truth will become the Intercontinental champion -- that's "what's up."

* CM Punk and Big E Langston had an interesting match, with Punk scoring the GTS.

* Brie Bella has been interjected into the Daniel Bryan-Randy Orton rivalry, with her engagement to Bryan mentioned frequently. Brie Bella came out and watched as Orton beat Bryan down, RKOing him through the commentary table. Earlier, Brie Bella beat Alicia Fox.

* Paul Heyman proposed that Ryback be a Paul Heyman guy. It wasn't the best segment for Heyman, but it was still better than others' best efforts.

* Antonio Cesaro had another impressive giant swing on Raw, roughly 20 rotations on Santino Marella ... but he still lost.

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