While it may be a bit premature to talk about the Road to WrestleMania, it's safe to say the Smackdown writers might want to invest in a GPS before too much longer.

The blue brand seems to be plagued with creative issues that are leaving several superstars and storylines completely directionless.

I've written about the issue before, and I don't want to dwell on the problem for too long here, but the blue brand is becoming too much the "forgotten" show.

In recent weeks, it seemed there was some attention being paid to Smackdown. WWE Champion CM Punk made an appearance, there have been some high-quality matches and the Sheamus-Alberto Del Rio feud has been a featured attraction.

But tonight's episode illustrated many of the concerns plaguing the brand poignantly. The show featured seven matches, but only two of them amounted to anything more than squashes and bouts designed to showcase one of the competitors while limiting the other.

It seems WWE has too many stars they want to keep at the forefront of television who lack any semblance of a storyline or feud. From Brodus Clay to Ryback and Tensai to Antonio Cesaro, there are a number of stars who are in desperate need of justification for their continued presence.

Having one star get the unstoppable push of defeating an endless array of low-level roster members and enhancement talent on each brand may be acceptable, and for a while, it seemed those would be the roles of Clay and Ryback.

But then WWE continued to add more. Tensai and Damien Sandow showed up, expanding each show to two unstoppable forces. Then Cesaro debuted and Sin Cara returned, and Smackdown became stacked.

There is no shortage of talent in WWE right now, especially on the blue brand. That's not in question in the least. Many of the guys mentioned above are deserving of a push, and it's refreshing to see them get one, but it would be nice if they could advance to doing something more meaningful.

If WWE continues these booking strategies, people are eventually going to just lose interest in these new stars, and they will wear out their welcome before they even get a chance to show off their full capabilities and skills.


Quick Hits


  • Kane and Sheamus had a good match in the main event that picked up in the home stretch. No one expected a clean finish, and we didn't get one. As Sheamus seemed to have the advantage, Ricardo Rodriguez interfered, leading to a disqualification finish. Del Rio would get involved, and AJ would appear to give Kane another confusing look. This match was entertaining and advanced aspects of two ongoing storylines with pay-per-view ramifications, so that should be considered a success.


  • Christian and Dolph Ziggler unsurprisingly had a really enjoyable match. Some will complain about Ziggler losing, but in reality, he looks good for putting in a strong performance against a veteran and former World Heavyweight Champion like Christian. Many think Ziggler is above the Intercontinental Championship, but I wouldn't be opposed to seeing these two have a match for the title on pay-per-view.


  • Christian finally gave an explanation for why he's now fan favorite. He said inducting Edge into the Hall of Fame, he realized he didn't want to be known as the guy who pleased for "one more match;" he wanted to put together a Hall of Fame career himself. That was simple and logical. They should have delivered it right after his return, but that's a small complaint. Christian and Cody Rhodes had a good promo exchange in what was scheduled to be a "Peep Show" interview segment.