WWE Hall of Famer The Iron Sheik is currently crowdsourcing for a documentary on his life.

Whatever perception you may have of the man, expect all topics to be addressed in this documentary.

“Sheikie Baby” as he is affectionately known to his friends and fans, is managed by Page and Jian Magen, twin brothers who are event promoters and entrepreneurs out of Toronto.

“My twin brother and I have been blessed in our lives. Growing up many of us watched wrestling on the TV. We not only watched it we lived it," Page explained. “You see my father immigrated from Iran to Toronto in the '70s. he was a world class table tennis champion. He left everything behind. The only person he kept in touch with was his best friend who was also a world class athlete.

"That person I am referring to is none other than the Iron Sheik. Every month or 2 The Sheik and other pro wrestlers would come to Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto to perform in front of the tens of thousands of screaming fans. We were not only fans we were part of their entourage. Fast forward, my brother and I still have the same love and affection towards pro wrestling but it has now gone a step further. We are making a movie. ... It is about our hero. It is about someone we consider family. It is about his life."

The Iron Sheik joined me for a Q&A over the phone about the documentary and his life and career (for full effect, I've decided to leave his words intact -- at least the printable ones):


What will fans see in this documentary and why should they help support it?

All my intelligent fans will see the legend in every way. My old country background from the Iran when I come to the America and I become America dream. From the Olympic coach to my life in WWF [now WWE] to now that I become world famous again you see the A to the Z. A lot of my friends in the business and Hollywood share the love for the legend also.


The crazy Iron Sheik that people see today, through videos and tweets - how much of that is the real Khosrow Vaziri?

Oh, you know. If somebody cross me wrong way and they [mess] with me that is the real Iron Sheik. You never insult the legend. You never show no respect to me...


Are drugs a part of your life today?

Bubba, in my old day I party on the road with all my friends. Now, I respect my family I respect the world and I don’t do anything anymore. I happy to say I now clean. This because I have my time. Now my time to be leader and teach next generation about the real legend and how to be the real.


Do people tend to exaggerate your drug/alcohol use because of what they have seen online?

The people know I'm a legend. They know I make the world news and they know they cant [mess] with me no matter what.