Ontario Independent wrestling standouts Tyson Dux and Scotty O'Shea were added to the match. All four men put on a brutal brawlfest-style match, which delighted the crowd of approximately 300 and made them forget about the original singles match altogether.

At the end of the match, Gargano pinned Steen. Both men after the match made it clear they would welcome the opportunity to face each other 1-on-1.

“I was happy I was able to work with Johnny,” said ROH champ Kevin Steen. “I have no concern over the finish and if there is a backlash of any kind, I'll deal with it.” 

“Most (pro wrestlers), especially in the independents, don't care about politics,” Gargano said. “We want to go out there and give the fans their money's worth. We want to go out there and steal the show. That's what I had in mind as soon as the match was announced. It wasn't 'I can't do this, or he can't do that.’”

Greg Oliver, who is a pro wrestling historian and operator of SLAM! Wrestling, had this to say about matches involving two champions:

"Fans are always intrigued by belt vs. belt matches, especially for competing organizations. The old NWA vs. WWWF or NWA vs. AWA matches were always intriguing and dream matches both for the fans and the magazines. In today's industry, especially with so many titles, it can be hard to set up something original."

A famous example is Bob Backlund, who as WWWF champion met Harley Race and Ric Flair (when they were NWA champions) in title vs. title affairs, as well as NWF champion Antonio Inoki. Many matches of these types saw a time-limit draw, or a finish that wouldn’t signal a definitive end.

In today's pro wrestling landscape, the idea of a WWE champion facing any other company champion simply wouldn't happen, which gave this match a special flare.

“It's rare for me to face a champion of this caliber,” Steen said. “Usually I travel to local events and I face the local indy fed's champ …  and win their belt.”

Were companies protecting their interests in this match? Perhaps. Was the promoter looking for a way to increase ticket sales and buzz with a “dream match” scenario? Likely. Despite the match change, was it entertaining? Highly. Fans and wrestlers alike left the venue on this day feeling happy with the note they left in the history professional wrestling.