- The Miz beat Sheamus with a rollup. You have to think that these are two of the three favorites to win the IC title at Battleground (with Cesaro as the third).

- Speaking of Cesaro, he lost to Big E after a distraction by Kofi Kingston. I’m not sure exactly why they’re having Cesaro lose so much lately, but they need to have him right the ship soon, and maybe a title win is how to do that.

One odd note was that Cesaro came out without Heyman, and Cole made mention that Cesaro “fired” Heyman. You would think they would do that on-camera, but perhaps they wanted to keep Cesaro heel, and were afraid that a public shaming of Heyman would turn Cesaro face.

- AJ beat Eva Marie. Paige was on commentary, talking about how her and AJ were "Frenemies."  It’s an interesting way to go about the feud, but it does give it legs to have an extended run.

- The match between Rusev and Jack Swagger was made official. Swagger may have received the biggest pop of the night. Lana is so good at making people hate her and Rusev, and using that heat to get others over is fantastic.

- Alberto Del Rio beat RVD after he countered the Frog Splash into a Cross Armbreaker. Del Rio posed with the IC title after the match.

- Bo Dallas beat The Great Khali via countout.

- WWE aired a commercial for a CM Punk special airing tomorrow on the Network. Airing it the day after the free trial ends is smart by the WWE, but of course it’s going to start rumors about CM Punk.

- Dolph Ziggler beat Fandango when Fandango was distracted by both Summer Rae and Layla started dancing on the announce table. After the match, both of them came in the ring and danced with Ziggler, then kissed him.

- The Usos were supposed to come out for a match, however during their entrance they were blindsided by Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. The two beat the Usos around the ring before bringing one into the ring and standing tall. The two teams will face off in a Best 2 out of 3 Falls match at Battleground.

- Alicia Fox and Cameron beat Nikki Bella in a handicap match. It was announced that Cameron would face Naomi in the pre-show to Battleground.

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