Daniel Bryan's title win at WWE's Night of Champions comes with controversy

For the second pay-per-view in a row, Daniel Bryan won the WWE title. For the second in a row, there is controversy surrounding the win.

The first time, at SummerSlam, Randy Orton cashed in moments after Triple H turned on Bryan, landing a pedigree, signaling the start of the Triple H corporate regime and deeming "Goat Face" to be too average to be the face of WWE.

Sunday at Night of Champions, referee Scott Armstrong -- after getting bumped earlier and then returning -- delivered a fast three count on Orton, awarding Bryan the title.

For long-time WWE fans, a similar situation pops into mind.

On April 17, 2000, Chris Jericho defeated Triple H for the WWE title. Later on that episode Triple H confronted referee Earl Hebner and forced him to reverse his decision (also a fast count), eliminating the entire match and title change from the record books ("that never happened"), returning the title to The Game.

Could a similar situation happen here?


Scott Armstrong could be relieved of his on camera referee duties Monday night by Triple H, this is certainly a big possibility. What I like about Daniel Bryan as WWE champion, should he hold the gold past Monday, is that the scenario of the evil regime doing everything in their power to try and take the WWE title away from Daniel Bryan, but Bryan somehow always pulling it off and keeping it within his grasp is an intriguing scenario -- much like Stone Cold vs Mr. McMahon lit up the Attitude Era in the late 1990s.


(Every other champion retained the title)

** The Shield defeated the Prime Time Players, after PTP won the Free For All fourway to earn a title shot. I thought Darren Young/Titus O'Neil might earn the gold here but this could continue to the next PPV.

** Dean Ambrose pinned Dolph Ziggler, which will make many continue to wonder what is happening with Dolph Ziggler lately.

** RVD beat Alberto Del Rio by disqualification, so ADR keeps his title. 

** AJ Lee retained in the fatal fourway, after Natalya hit an impressive double sharpshooter on Naomi/Brie Bella

** Curits Axel defeated Kofi Kingston in an impromptu opening intercontinental title match. Later on the night, he and Paul Heyman faced CM Punk. CM Punk was about to win when Ryback interfered and caused Heyman to pin Punk. Ryback then carried Heyman to the back. Ryback is presumably the new "Paul Heyman guy."

** In a non title bout, The Miz beat Fandango

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