They got into it physically, and others involved started running out. Finally, at the end, Big Show came out and cleared the ring, and the segment ended with Piper raising Show's hand.

- Kane faced Roman Reigns, which ended in a no-contest after the Outlaws came out, then the other members of The Shield joined them.

Before the match, The Shield had a great face promo. It's impressive how they can just slightly tweak their gimmick for their face turn.

Unlike some people or groups, who try to change everything, The Shield only slightly tweaked some of their mannerisms, and the crowd is really getting behind it.

- Alberto Del Rio beat Big E in a nontitle match. It's an interesting time for the win, as the IC title won't be defended at Wrestlemania. I assume we'll be seeing more of this during the Battle Royal, and then maybe set up something for Extreme Rules.

- The four teams involved in the Tag title match fought in an 8-man, with the Usos and Los Matadores teaming against the Real Americans and Rybaxel. The face team won after Los Matadores pulled a little “Twin magic” if you will, allowing the fresh man to get in.

It was announced that this match would be on the pre-show, which has to be a little bit disappointing to them. While it's all on the Network anyways, you'd like the titles to be defended on the main card. It also only leaves 7 matches for the 4 hours of Wrestlemania. Even giving the fact that most of the matches will be pretty long, that seems slightly light.

- The Rhodes brothers beat Fandango and Sandow in a tag match. I still wonder why they're putting the Rhodes brothers in the Battle Royal instead of the tag match. You could swap them with Los Matadores, and I think it really would improve the tag title match.

- Naomi beat AJ in a Lumberjill match, which ended when all the divas on the outside beat up AJ. They also announced that the divas match at Wrestlemania will be a one-fall match with all of them in the ring. I can't even fathom how that's going to work cleanly, but we'll see at Wrestlemania.

- Summer Rae beat Natalya.

- While I understand the need to film Smackdown before RAW during Wrestlemania week, I think it really affected the crowd during the last hour or so of RAW. They were completely dead during Kane/Reigns, not even jumping all that much when Reigns went through his setup to the Superman punch. It's something the WWE should think about for the future, if they have a choice.

- This week look out for an interview with Mick Foley (who will be in Baltimore next week) as well as my Wrestlemania predictions toward the end of the week. I will be heading down to New Orleans, so I also hope to get some live diaries from Wrestlemania Weekend for you.

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