• Kane defeated Intercontinental Champion The Miz in a short, serviceable bout. There really wasn't anything special or offensive about this contest; it was just there. Though it is a shame to see The Miz losing cleanly while he holds the Intercontinental Championship. Let's hope this is an isolated incident and not the beginning of a trend.


  • AJ Lee (who has acquired a last name since assuming the Raw general manager position) seems a lot more stable and less "crazy" than she has for the past few months. Maybe this is why she and CM Punk aren't getting along any more. He doesn't dig sane chicks.


  • The divas emerged from their week-long stint in purgatory as the returning Kelly Kelly defeated Eve in a decent divas match. Nice to see the divas at least some time on the show again. Now let's just get a legitimate challenger for Layla's title.


  • Bryan will officially face Kane at SummerSlam. There goes the teased match with Charlie Sheen, but the "winning" actor could still appear in the Big Red Machine's corner, if WWE chooses to go that route.


  • Ryback has gone from non-clean finishes with Jinder Mahal back to handicap matches against Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks. Le sigh. Is there nothing better to fill three hours of weekly TV with?


Match Rundown


CM Punk d. Rey Mysterio

Alberto Del Rio d. Christian

Big Show vs. Randy Orton ended in double countout