Andre The Giant Battle Royal

This match is an interesting one to predict, simply because we don't know exactly what they plan on doing with the match. Do they plan on just making this an attraction, and not really incorporate it into any storylines, or will they use it as something a wrestler can build on, and springboard from. Without knowing that, it's hard to predict exactly who will win, but I've narrowed it down to a few candidates of the wrestlers named so far, though it could very easily be one of the three surprises. The Big Show is the favorite at this point, and in my mind has been the favorite since the beginning. This would fall under the attraction category if he won. ... at least I think, but it would be a nice moment for Big Show, who hasn't had a ton of true Wrestlemania moments in his career (winning the IC title over Cody Rhodes is probably his biggest win). Plus, it would be somewhat poetic to have the the man who debuted as the "Son of Andre the Giant" win the Andre Battle Royal. Sheamus is another likely candidate. WWE wants to push him, and he's been stuck in neutral somewhat since his return at the Royal Rumble. He could use this as a jumping point to get that momentum moving again. The problem with him is that he doesn't need the credibility, and as a face, he wouldn't be someone who used the win to rub it in people's faces for the next year. So while he could win, if they're using this to push someone, there are better options. Of course, Sheamus would be a viable candidate if it was just an attraction as well. That brings me to my third candidate, which is a wildcard. Alexander Rusev hasn't done anything physical since debuting at the Royal Rumble. He's been on most of the shows, letting Lana talk, and keeping him in people's minds, but he hasn't shown any sort of dominance. What better way to give this guy instant-credibility than allowing him to beat win a battle royal with 29 others, including names like Big Show and Sheamus? This, in my mind, would be the best way to use the Battle Royal, to push someone who needs the boost, but I'm really not sure that the WWE will view it that way. It honestly comes down to Show and Rusev to me, and while I don't feel particularly confident about it, I'll lean towards Big Show. But I do expect Rusev to impress, and hopefully start a feud with someone, during the match. Winner: The Big Show
Algerina Perna, Baltimore Sun
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