Booker T: Nah, it’s not scripted or anything like that. Kevin Nash you know he’s a character; he’s a guy that with a little (expletive) you know what I mean. The Big Show is a guy who has been in the trenches who saw it all; from a young, young kid to the man he is now. Even myself starting out in the early 90’s at the bottom of it you know to finish it off you know at the end and we got 3 different stories to tell from 3 different perspectives. I’m sure you’re going to get a whole lot of insight on what was going on. I’m sure every question that gets asked, we’re definitely going to give it to them you know from a realistic perspective. We’re not going to hold anything back and I’m sure like I said a lot of things are going to come up that people have been wanting to hear about for many, many years and we’re going to finally give it to them. 

Ryan Dillbert: that sounds great. The other question I wanted to as was about your reality of wrestling promotion and are there any guys there that you’re seeing right now that have huge potential that the WWE might be interested in the future?

Booker T: You know I got a guy right now down in FCW and he’s doing really well. I got a guy who just did the thing and he’s trying to break his way into the business and I got a couple kids from Australia that really look promising. And it just, it’s mostly just giving these kids ready for when they’re not common and they get prepared for it more than anything it’s a rushed business it really is. And these guys really have to have the right frame of mind to know exactly what it takes. Most of it, you know sometimes you don’t know how to make it in the locker room you’re never going to make it in the ring you know so I’m just trying to make sure you know when it’s time they will be ready. A lot of them are young guys that still have a lot of growth and lots of maturity, lots of growth left in these young men so it’s a matter of getting them ready. But I’m definitely I got some kids that’s potentially ready to be there right now.

Ryan Dillbert: Anybody in particular? 

Booker T: My kid Nicco (sp?). He’s been knocking the door, for some time, I got another kid like I said form Australia his name is Rob Barnes (sp?) he’s my ROW champion, if I could put 10 more pounds on this kid he’s going to be ready to jp into FCW and then because its always going to be a building block I don’t any of these guys these days will just be able to come out of a camp and jp right on television, they’re going to have to go through that FCW camp and be seen on television and own their craft a whole lot better but first and foremost like I said be prepared for when that , when that time comes.

Ryan Dillbert: Great, thanks Booker, I appreciate your time.

Booker T: Thank you.

Matthew Asher: Sorry Booker, I forgot to ask the other question , again with you being the surprise participant, if you had your say who would be your dream surprise entrant this year? Lets say 2 entrants for this year, who would you like to see?

Booker T: Wow surprise entries? Hahaha. Well that’s really, really a hard question …surprise entries, who would I want to see come in there and do something and wreck shop. Man …

Matthew Asher: If it helps I spoke to Kofi Kingston a couple weeks ago and for him he wanted to see KoKo B Ware because when he grew up he just loved the energy when he came into the ring so you know is there a favorite you had?

Booker T: I mean, I can only go for, like I said, you know if would have to be someone that I really love and the thing is, it’s not that many guys out there today that I had that kind of love for. If a guy, it could be a surprise entry for me you know that I would love to see, it would be Junkyard Dog, (laughs) if I could see Junkyard dog come back from the grave you know and be a part of the Rumble that would be great. but as far as current guys out there I never looked at the business that way and I never looked at it that way, I’ve had my childhood stars, everybody that I want to get in my era was my soul and I was trying to think of them as a superstar.

Matthew Asher: Ok, thanks sir.

Jason Powell:  Booker before WCW was purchased by WWE did you hope to be a guy who spent his entire career in one company or was WWE always on your radar?

Booker T: Still WWE wasn’t on my radar just due to because they went to all the cold cities, all the cold countries. I don’t like being cold and so I remember I thought I was going to be a WCW guy for my career actually I thought I was going to retire there. That I was going to be a 20 year guy with WCW and be the 15 time heavyweight champion like Rick Flair you know but that didn’t happen but just like I always say I was prepared, I was prepared you know what was going to happen next so when the opportunity came you know it came by the doors being closed on WCW but the opportunity still came and I was ready for it when it came. I had to start all over when I got to the WWE and I had to leave all my accolades behind me, I had to prove to guys that I was ready for the task but did I think I was going to be in WCW forever? Yes, when the time came and it closed down I got prepared to go and continue the saga definitely I was.

Jason Powell: If it makes you feel any better, I don’t know where you’re at, but I’m in Minnesota and it’s about 10 below today.

Booker T: We’re in Houston right now it’s 75, sunny and clear and I’m doing this interview outside. (Laughs)

Jason Powell: I’m jealous, you know that in a past interview that you…or I’m sorry actually , ya you did talk in past interviews about how you were doing different accents during some of your TNA promos and you were kind of hopeful that someone in Hollywood might take note, so I know you pursued acting a little bit. Is that something you’re still pursuing seriously at this time?

Booker T: Actually I pursued voiceover, I didn’t pursue acting.

Jason Powell: I see

Booker T: Acting …myself I’m one of those guys who I’ve been in front of the camera for 20 years, over 20 years now I’ve been in front of that camera. I want to be one of those guys who work behind the scenes; I want to be heard if possible but not seen. , I want to be one of those guys that do the work behind the scenes and actually not know that I’m that guy behind you know the magic you know that’s what I want to do. My job in this business after wrestling is to produce the young guys, the young talent you know to pursue their dreams, become hall of famers, like I said and leave their legacy behind so that they can say “man I went out there and did it”. Hopefully some of them will say, “Man Booker T he was right there to help me.” guys like Sheamus, guys like Randy, guys like Ziggler I want to be in these guys corner and make sure I can make these guys better you know if I possibly can. Any given night I think my role really has become now and I’m totally embracing it, it’s a great time in my life right now.