Scott Fishman: Hey Booker, with this being Royal Rumble weekend, I was just curious, so you have a favorite moment maybe where you were involved in? Or something that you saw as a fan that stands out for you, when you look back at past Royal Rumbles?

Booker T: You know only one Royal Rumble really stands out in my mind and that was a couple years ago when I finally made my return back to WWE. I really didn’t expect the ovation that I got from the fans and I was totally taken a back from it, but it really, you know, kind of put that stamp, you know as far as my career goes and what I’ve given to the fans, they gave it all back to me that night just from applause and ovation standpoint. They let me know that they appreciate what I’ve done over my 22-year career and that right there was the moment that I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

Scott Fishman: All right, do you have a pick for who’s going to win this Sunday?

Booker T: You know , it’s really hard to pick a winner for the Rumble, it is an unpredictable match; anybody can win on any given occasion. It’s one of those nights that lucks got to play in your favor you know so whoever is in the right place at the right time that’s who’s going to win. But as far as picking a winner I just can’t call it.

Scott Fishman: Alright, and just lastly with this being the WCW panel, I was just curious on your thoughts on a possible Harlem Heat reunion? Do you ever see that happening somewhere down the line?

Booker T: You know , I do. I think people would want to see it. I know it was talked about reuniting Harlem Heat. You know as far as it being possible for Hall of Fame it would have been a great honor. But I’m looking forward to my brother and I coming back together and giving the fans that one last look at a team that was so great. And I think it’s something that we need to do more than something that we have to do.

Scott Fishman: All right, thank you very much.

Dan Gillstan: Hi Booker, what does it mean to the company to have Dwayne Johnson back and how do you think his return affects the company outside of the wrestling world? How does it affect the way WWE maybe perhaps is viewed by mainstream media, fans and other entertainment outlets?

Booker T: You know people can say what they want to say you know about The Rock being back you know but Rock means revenue. Rock means ratings and anytime we can have that you know it’s part of what we do as part of sports entertainment it’s great. The Rock is great, not just a great performer but he is a great ambassador for this business. He is one of the guys who has stepped out away from the game and still made his fame even bigger. Even though wrestling was the one thing that put him in the spotlight, he made us look good. I think it’s great The Rock being back, stepping right to the fire, stepping up with CM Punk it’s going to be great. He better be careful what he is wishing for because CM Punk he’s really no joke, he’s the guy who really believes in who he is and that is the best in the world and what he does and that is a very dangerous person right there so, but as far as The Rock being back I hope those young guys in the locker room are taking notes and realizing what it is to be a true superstar of the business and they can learn a whole lot.

Dan Gillstan: Just a quick follow up, what do you think it the big thing they can learn?

Booker T: man you look at the guy you know he says it more than anything that its important to have fun out there in the ring and not to take it so serious. I mean of course we have to take it serious to a certain degree but but being able to go out there and entertain those fans, make em laugh, make them feel, make them happy, make them have emotions, it’s something he does better than anybody. And these young guys could really learn and can take their note pads out and really really understand how Rock goes and creates his Shakespeare like Romeo and Juliet, his Phantom of the Opera and then go out there and hit someone in the mouth and make everyone believe that it’s the same time so they can learn a whole lot by watching a guy and learn from the best.

Dan Gillstan: Thank you.

Matthew Asher: Thank you Booker it’s good to talk to you, last time we spoke was Wrestlemania 27 when you were in Atlanta. What I’d like to ask is two parts. Nber one your Royal Rumble return back in 2011 I’m curious how far in advance did the WWE contact you about this? And the reason I’m asking is because like you said there’s always 1 or 2 surprise entrants and I’m curious about how far in advance this is planned? Was this a month in advance? A week?

Booker T: It was a couple of weeks that I realized that I was going to be coming back and being a part of the Rumble. It was almost a spur of the moment thing. It wasn’t something that was planned months in advance at all.

Matthew Asher: Ok. The other question is different, it’s on your autobiography, read it, enjoyed it. My question is, is there going to be a part 2 because obviously it kind of ends just as you get the call to go to WCW. Is there going to be a part 2 at the very least the WCW years, if not also the WWE and the TNA years?

Booker T: Well actually I’m getting ready to start my second book right now. You know we don’t have a name for it just yet, but I’m still working with getting it out there. I do think the fans deserve to hear that side of the career, you know the WCW side as well as the WWE part of my career and as far as TNA side I probably will leave that out because that part of my career bleak there wasn’t a whole lot happening. I just don’t want to leave the fans with a sour taste in their mouth. But we are getting ready to prepare to start it as we speak.

Matthew Asher: One more follow up on the book. I was just curious for those who haven’t picked the first one up whenever the second one comes out are you going to try to package it like a combo deal, you know what I mean? Kind of a box set essentially.

Booker T: You know definitely, I think it’s something because the 2 stories correlate, and it left off heading to Atlanta so definitely got to pick up the story and keep it going. I think there’s a lot of people that may not have read the “Booker T: From Prison to Promise” they have to read it, they may not understand what it’s about and , it’s like a movie sometimes a title may throw you off you know. You may not go and watch the movie but someone may tell you about it and you say wow I should’ve watched that a long time ago. So I’m hoping that’s what happens, and we can really push the book the “Prison to Promise” over the top because that right there is something special to me because I really try to help some kids save their lives you know what that book is for is , you know you can easily get in trouble and it’ll only take one time of your life away from you, that’s what that’s all about. Definitely that’s a really good idea and I’ll make sure to get on my publisher about it.

Matthew Asher: Thank you sir, I appreciate it.

Ryan Dilbert: Hey Booker, thanks for your time. I want to ask about the panel, I know you’re going to get a lot of questions from the audience, but do you guys have any topics or focuses that you’re going to open up with and talk to the fans first of all?