WWE's Fandango talks total divas, dancing, wrestling and more

I had a chance to speak with WWE superstar Fandango over the phone recently. Our conversation is posted below.

Going into the interview, I didn't know what to expect - I had seen interviews with the former Johnny Curtis before and most were in character - understandably so, it makes sense that Fandango stay as Fandango during many media engagements. 

The big tell-all moment for me was in the initial back and forth - there I would know what kind of interview this would be. It could have been a by the book, in character tongue-in-cheek chat, or a cool conversation with someone who is doing something that many people enjoy.

WWE PR rep Al Stavola called me and put me through to Fandango. I said hello.

His response: "Hey bro, how are ya?"

I was relieved.

From there we had a great 10 minute conversation (our allotted time - it's not a good idea to go over the time you are given, as many superstars and pro wrestlers will also confirm in their line of work), which I very much enjoyed.

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