That didn't really answer my question. And what's with this hashtag you are using, #EraOfVacancy?

(no answer)

Indeed. Back to you being WWE champion today -- are you concerned that Damien Sandow, the Money in the Bank contract holder for a World Heavyweight title shot, may lobby to be able to cash in against you?

Officially, he can't. In reality, he couldn't lace my generic black boots.

Those are fighting words, Vacant. How many WWE title wins are you at now?

I would say I'm unofficially a 10-time WWE champion. Officially 8-time. Some forget about my unadvertised win vs. Inoki in '79.

You do have a pretty impressive resume.

What do Inoki, Andre, Hogan, HBK, Austin, Mr. McMahon, Cena, Batista, Punk, and Bryan have in common? They all lost the WWE Title to me! I finally got my long deserved recognition. I'm glad has finally recognized that I exist.

Here's a question from @CaseyCarnage -- how long have you been European champion? The title seems to be safe with you now.

You have me confused with my tag team partner, Defunct.

Speaking of tag teams, you are also a multi-time tag team champion, holding the titles solo!

Making the tag during a match is so cumbersome. I can get the job done myself, because I'm that good.


At this point the @WWEVacant account was suspended due to the volume of replies and is under review by Twitter.

How dare they cut this interview short!

(Alex Maki is a Michigan resident who aspires to write for WWE Magazine and one day. He is the creator of @WWEVacant on Twitter. He is also @odor31.)

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