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Ring Posts: The Shield triple-threat match set for Battleground

After two long years of waiting, we finally got the announcement we've been waiting for Monday on RAW.

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Dean Ambrose leaves Vegas as champ at Money in the Bank

On Sunday night, Dean Ambrose won not just the Money in the Bank ladder match, he later cashed in and won the WWE World Heavyweight Title for the first time.

It didn't really surprise anyone that Ambrose won the ladder match. If he wasn't the favorite going in, he was a close second behind Kevin Owens. However, the main event was anything but predictable.

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RAW hits the right notes en route to Money in the Bank

Sometimes go-home shows can feel overbooked, as the WWE scrambles to put the final pieces of the card together.

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AJ Styles vs. John Cena on RAW? Fans win

RAW on Monday featured a sight many wrestling fans have been waiting a decade to see: John Cena and AJ Styles standing in the same ring together.

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WWE Announces Smackdown going live, brand split

WWE made a major announcement last weekend, saying that in July, Smackdown will go live on Tuesday nights, and that a brand split will accompany that move.

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Seth Rollins returns at Extreme Rules

The main event of AJ Styles vs. Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules on Sunday night was as great as you would expect, even if there was a bit too much interference involved. The Club and the Usos got involved liberally, and the Usos even dragged AJ off of a pin at one point, which was a surprisingly aggressive move for a generally face team.

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