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Finn Balor forced to relinquish title on RAW

Balor took a running powerbomb into the barricade early in the SummerSlam match. He took the move almost entirely with his arm, which wrenched his shoulder.

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SummerSlam comes early on RAW

The go-home show before a pay-per-view is supposed to be the final tease before the big show.

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Is Dolph Ziggler the WWE underdog we want?

Smackdown revolved around last week's surprise No. 1 contender, Dolph Ziggler. But while it revealed how the WWE intends on pushing Ziggler for the next few weeks, it also may have accidentally revealed some problems with the sudden push. 

The first in-ring segment of the night was WWE champion Dean Ambrose coming out and calling out Dolph Ziggler for a conversation.

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Smackdown surprises with Dolph Ziggler breakthrough

After RAW's huge night on Monday, Smackdown had to come up with something big for their first show of the brand split. And while the heights may not have reached Monday's, they left us with an equally big surprise, as Dolph Ziggler become No.

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WWE Battleground: A new era begins

The July pay-per-view for WWE is typically a forgotten one. Usually taking place between Money in the Bank and Summerslam, it functions primarily as a way to move things toward the second biggest show on the WWE schedule. However, due to the draft and a roster shakeup, "Battleground" ended up being one of the most compelling shows of the year.

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The WWE draft and what it says about the brand split

The WWE draft came and went Tuesday night. While much of it went as expected, there were a few things that raised eyebrows among the WWE Universe.

Things started off as expected, with Rollins going to RAW, and Dean Ambrose becoming Smackdown's first pick.

However, from there it didn't quite go as people expected.

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