Once Orioles build their bench, Buck Showalter wants to use it more to spell everyday players

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AJ Styles retains title at TLC with help from unlikely source

Many people expected something unusual to happen at the end of TLC, whether it was the return of a superstar, or possibly a turn by one of the competitors. However, most people didn't see a turn coming from WWE's newest superstar: James Ellsworth.

The main event at TLC was everything you could have hoped from the match.

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Baltimore's Rich Swann discusses WWE 205 Live

On Monday's show, Rich Swann beat Noam Dar before sending a message to cruiserweight champion Brian Kendrick.

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Sasha Banks pulls off hat trick, wins title for third time on RAW

As announced on last week's RAW, Charlotte had to defend her title against Sasha Banks this week.

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WWE relives the '90s as Goldberg defeats Lesnar at Survivor Series

Normally I can't give you a full play-by-play of a match, so I give you a few highlights. However, for the Brock Lesnar-Goldberg match at the WWE's Survivor Series on Sunday, I can give you the whole thing.

The match started with a staredown, with Lesnar almost having a bemused look on his face. Lesnar struck first, picking up Goldberg and driving him back into the corner.

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Samoa Joe wins NXT title

It shocked many people when Samoa Joe won the NXT title at a house show back in April.

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The Undertaker returns in a jam-packed 900th SmackDown

Often times, “special” episodes of wrestling shows end up being duds, as the episodes rely heavily on nostalgia at the expense of the current product.

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