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WWE Hall of Famer Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan dies at 73

Bobby Heenan, who was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2004 after a famed career as a manager and broadcaster, died Sunday, the WWE announced. He was 73.

Heenan was, in my opinion, the most important non-wrestler in wrestling history. His managerial resume is a who's who of wrestling. Andre the Giant. Mr. Perfect. King Kong Bundy. Big John Studd. Ravishing Rick Rude. The Brainbusters. Lex Luger.

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Kevin Owens gets the ultimate rub on SmackDown Live

Stone Cold Steve Austin. Mick Foley. Triple H. CM Punk. Those are four of the names in an elite group, one that has a very specific requirement: they were given the privilege of putting their hands on Vince McMahon.

Those who have been given that privilege get a moment, a mark, that solidifies them at the top of the card.

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WWE's Shane McMahon erupts, gets suspended at SmackDown Live

As an on-screen authority figure in wrestling, you can do many things to make wrestlers' lives miserable. You can put them in impossible matches. You can strip wrestlers of titles. You can suspend them. However, as we found out at SmackDown Live on Tuesday night, the one thing you can't do is rain fists down upon them after being insulted.

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Big WWE main-roster debut, belated return highlight SmackDown Live

WWE needed something big to wrap up its week in Brooklyn after an up-and-down RAW on Monday night. So on SmackDown Live, they decided to make some news behind a major main-roster debut and a belated return.

The big debut happened early in the show. Aiden English came out without an opponent, and started his typical introduction.

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Lesnar retains title in wild SummerSlam main event

SummerSlam was an uneven show with some questionable booking decisions that had caused some consternation for WWE fans. However, much of that was forgiven after an immensely entertaining main event that ended with Brock Lesnar retaining his Universal title.

The Fatal Fourway main event with Lesnar, Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe was everything fans could have hoped for and more.

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Baron Corbin fails to cash in on Smackdown Live

Michael Cole and JBL kept hyping Tuesday night that a non-title match between Jinder Mahal and Baron Corbin was one of the biggest main events in Smackdown history. While it was seemingly hyperbole at the time, by the end of the night, their boasts proved to be prescient, as Corbin failed in his attempt to win the WWE title.

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