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Extreme Rules 2015 was surprisingly entertaining

Most people didn't have high expectations going into Extreme Rules. However, the show ended exceeding those expectations and, dare I say it, was actually one of the more entertaining pay-per-views in recent memory.

Of the eight matches in Chicago on Sunday night, most met or exceeded expectations, and only one could possibly be considered a poor match.

While none of the matches will go down as Match of the Year candidates, they all had their moments, and most provided some legitimate entertainment. The first hour of the show, plus the pre-show, was one of the most entertaining sequences of matches on a pay-per-view (besides Wrestlemania) in quite a while. And what's more, the WWE stacked the matches in a way that they flowed into one another, and no point really felt like it dragged.

That isn't to say it was a perfect show. A few of the match finishes felt off, and there was no saving the chain match just due to the stipulation. Extreme Rules felt like, more than anything, one of the smaller...

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Predicting what will happen in Extreme Rules

Wrestlemania has come and gone, and we've reached Extreme Rules. The pay-per-view after Mania has always had a bit of a hangover effect to it. Even if the matches are good, coming so close to Wrestlemania always makes it seem worse than it is.

This year is no exception. The matches, for the most part, are fine, but there's not a lot of excitement to it in large part because of the quality of the previous pay-per-view. So fans don't seem to be as enthused for “the one night a year the WWE goes extreme.” Interestingly enough, only five of the eight matches even have a stipulation attached to them at this point, and one may not happen.

With all the negativity though, this could very well be a decent show. The tag match should be good, Luke Harper vs. Dean Ambrose could be a Match of the Year candidate, and Randy Orton and Seth Rollins have always worked well together. So, without further adieu, here's my look at this year's Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

Tyson Kidd and Cesaro vs. The New Day...

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WWE's English stars shine in London

Monday night's episode of Raw emanated from across the pond, so it's no surprise that some of the biggest highlights from the show came from the wrestlers who call England home.

It's always interesting to see a show in England. It's not quite Canada, which is complete bizarro world, but it's certainly a passionate fanbase that's used to chanting throughout soccer (or should I say football?) matches, and brings that passion to wrestling shows.

The WWE knows that, so they have to figure out a way to channel that passion. They decided to do it in a logical way, Monday, by featuring their countrymen.

The show started off with Cena's Open Challenge for the US title. This time it was Bad News Barrett who came out to accept the challenge. He was greeted with a roar from the crowd and many chants, which he played to throughout the match. Once again, the open challenge provided a good match, as Barrett was made to look strong. Even though Cena ended up winning, Barrett looked good, which fired...

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Royal Farms Arena to host RAW in September, plus WWE TV announcements

In this edition of the Roundup, we'll look at the big announcement from the USA Network regarding WWE, The Scott Steiner/Hulk Hogan situation, as well as the release of the future WWE schedule, which includes a couple of Baltimore dates.

-Due to a lawsuit and restraining order the WWE filed against counterfeit merchandisers, their future schedule was released through March of 2016. What does that mean for Baltimore?

Besides Payback, which already was announced, RAW will once again come to Baltimore at the beginning of September, on Labor Day this year.

Royal Farms Arena will also host a house show on Dec. 30.

-The big, nonlocal news of the week on the television side came from the USA Network, which announced not only the return of Tough Enough, which was expected, but that Smackdown would be moving to USA at the beginning of 2016.

When Smackdown moved back to Thursday nights, there was a hope that Smackdown would become more relevant in the wrestling landscape. That hasn't been the case,...

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On Raw, it's not all about the wins and losses

Raw on Monday showed why a loss can sometimes be a good thing in pro wrestling.

Before we get into Raw, I want to remind you readers of how a young man by the name of John Cena debuted in the WWE. Kurt Angle, who at this time was riding a high after forcing Hulk Hogan to tap out, issued an open challenge to anyone in the back. A complete unknown wrestler, John Cena, made his way out from the back.

However, instead of just a squash match, which you would expect in the situation, Cena actually held his own. He almost scored a pin against Angle several times, and then Angle was able to steal a win with a rollup. Despite a loss, Cena rode the credibility he received in that match for months.

Which brings us to this week's Raw. After needling Kane a little bit too much, WWE champion Seth Rollins was put into a match against an unknown opponent. Rollins waited in the ring, and then Neville (still don't think dropping Adrian is going to work here) made his way down to the ring. As the Internet...

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Retirement of WWE star AJ Lee a surprise

On Friday afternoon, WWE.com announced that AJ Lee has not just left WWE, but retired from in-ring competition. The statement read as follows:

“AJ Lee (April Mendez) has decided to retire from in-ring competition with WWE. We wish AJ the very best.”

Many people won't be surprised by her leaving WWE, as rumors had flown for months that she wasn't happy with the company, particularly after everything that happened with her husband, CM Punk. However the announcement that she retired instead of asking for her release is a surprising one.

AJ debuted on WWE television on the divas season of NXT (before NXT became what it is now). She was called up to the main roster and was loosely involved in various storylines until she started a relationship angle with Daniel Bryan. It was there where she started to show her personality, first as the typical valet with a jerk boyfriend. However, it was after Bryan left her that she really started to shine, and probably her most well-known storylines. She...

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