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Local Running

  • Harford runners fare well in Baltimore Running Festival

    Janet McAdorey presented another strong performance in the Baltimore Running Festival Saturday. Competing in the 5K, the 57-year-old Bel Air resident led the 55-59 age group for the second time, outrunning 193 other women in the age group. Her time of 23:32 was fast enough to place her eighth among...

  • Army officer Blas is 55th to lead Team APG to top 10 finish

    Wayne Blas raced to his best finish in the Army 10-Miler Sunday at the Pentagon and in doing so led Team APG to seventh place among 42 teams in the Active Duty Mixed Team Division. The 38-year-old Army officer finished 55th among 24,000 runners and placed third in the men's 35-39 age group. His...

  • Abingdon athletes lead Harford efforts in Cecil County

    Scott Coon and Heather Thompson, both of Abingdon, led Harford County athletes in the North East Sprint Triathlon and Duathlon Sunday in Cecil County. Coon finished third overall among 247 competitors in the triathlon. He completed a 750-meter swim in the North East River in 13:26, a 13-mile bike...

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More Outdoors
  • Outdoors: Strategy means little if ducks don't show

    Outdoors: Strategy means little if ducks don't show

    The moon hung low in the autumn sky, as robust and copious a celestial globe as you're ever likely to come across. As day began to break, the sound of shotgun reports carried across the Chester River, marking opening day of the first split to the 2016-17 waterfowl season. There's a more than decent...

  • Fall frog fishing tactics

    Fall frog fishing tactics

    Frog fishing has traditionally been considered a spring and early summer approach that closes down for the year in many waters when solid fields of lily pads or spatterdock completely close over the surface. Fish might be under that cover, but unless it's something soft like duckwort, fish won't...

  • Night owls should honor natural rhythms

    Try as I might, I can't quite convince my body's natural night-owl rhythms to shift to early-bird mode. When my daughters were born I was, for a time, a somewhat reformed night owl, having no choice but to surrender to a baby's and toddler's own rhythms and the fact that, to them, Saturday was...

  • Water quality advocates say real-time harbor monitor will improve data, educate public

    Water quality advocates say real-time harbor monitor will improve data, educate public

    Environmental advocates say the best data on Inner Harbor water quality comes in snapshots — samples taken every other week. But a new monitor to be placed at the mouth of the Jones Falls, part of a White House initiative to revitalize Baltimore's environment, will provide detail on pollutants entering...

  • Feds unveil new park programs for Baltimore

    Feds unveil new park programs for Baltimore

    Working on the idea that access to green space can transform city neighborhoods and improve local economies, the Obama administration is set to announce a series of measures in Baltimore aimed at increasing the number of community parks, outdoor classrooms and gardens in the city. The initiatives,...