"I grew up in a very competitive house; everybody was an athlete. The smallest thing would start a fight," Kent said. "[Golf] is the kind of game that just grabs you like that."

Like his father, Derrick Mosmiller began golfing at a young age. He said he started playing for a simple reason: "to be with my dad."

At age 15, he began playing competitively for Patapsco High, where he won the state championship twice.

He has stayed close with one of his high school teammates, Daryl Kalb of Perry Hall, who is the fourth member of the family's group for the Turkey Shoot.

"He's like one of my kids. He ain't any different," Kent Mosmiller joked. "I give him the same amount of crap I give my other kids. He has to listen to it, too."

Kent is thinking about extending the family tradition next year and adding his daughter, Lindsey, a 19-year-old sophomore who played golf for Catholic.

"Maybe next year we'll put her in the group on the ladies' tee and get an advantage here," he said. "She can bust the ball pretty good."



Classic Five

Turkey Shoots

Where: Pine Ridge, Mount Pleasant, Clifton Park and Forest Park golf courses

When: Thanksgiving morning

Who: Golfers of all ages and skill levels

Online: Classic5Golf.com