Key'Waun excitedly leans over the railing, Adrian stands next to Crane and even Nick comes over.

“Get it, Sarge!” Nick shouts, patting Crane on the shoulder.

Crane reels it in and eventually pulls up the fish, the biggest he's caught in 13 years of running camp, he says.

But the size of the fish isn't what matters. The campers' camaraderie with a police officer is.

There's no telling how the lives of Key'Waun, Adrian and Nick will unfold. But it can't hurt that they'll have the memory of excitedly cheering for a police sergeant.

“That's all we're trying to do,” Crane says, “is have a little fun and show kids that cops are not bad guys, show them we're human.”

Back on shore, Luke Thatcher cleans and fillets the rockfish, puts the meat in plastic bags and hands them out to Key'Waun, Adrian and Nick. As the three kids walk from the dock to the parking lot where the camp's white van is parked, each lifts his bag to eye level to get a better look at his haul for the day.

Crane's hope, of course, is that dinner isn't the only thing the boys take away from their day on the Chesapeake.