What hasn't changed is Bernstein's inner drive.

"The thing that's interesting about her is she's one of the most dedicated, hardest-working athletes I've ever been around," Bagetta said. "Once she's committed to doing something, she really devotes her heart and soul into that."

Bernstein admits that trying to achieve at multiple high-level sports at the same time can be a bit confusing.

"It's a critical time in my bobsled career. I'm either going to be preparing for the Olympic Games in February," she said. "But I haven't given up on rugby. I played in a tournament last weekend and did really well."

For now, rugby might have to run second behind bobsled as Bernstein trains for the set of Olympic qualifying trials and combines that start in Calgary in August and eventually go to Lake Placid, N.Y.

Bernstein believes that Sochi "is still a possibility" with a stronger chance for 2018 in Pyeongyang, South Korea as a pilot. Bagetta said Bernstein should be in the mix for the U.S. women's rugby team going to Brazil in 2016.

"In the beginning, I think it was a form of cross-training, but as she's become more successful, I think that challenge is going to be how she balances the two," Bagetta said. "She has the potential to do that, but I think in the future she is going to have to make some really tough choices."

Bernstein is not ready to make a decision.

"Right now I'm focusing on bobsled," she said. "I love going fast."