Three pregnant women finish races at Baltimore Running Festival

Amanda Weeks, Kellie Batz and Sarah Mack — the pregnant runners featured in a Baltimore Sun story this week — all finished their respective races Saturday at the Baltimore Running Festival.

Weeks, 33, of Ellicott City, completed the half-marathon in 2 hours, 22 minutes.

"That was better than I thought," said Weeks, who is almost five months pregnant. "I made a couple of bathroom stops, which added some time, but otherwise, it was pretty smooth sailing."

She said she would celebrate by taking a nap.

Mack, 31, of Evans, Ga., clocked a 3:18 in the half-marathon.

"The crowd kept me going. It was awesome," said Mack, three months pregnant and a graduate of Meade High and UMBC. "I kind of hit my wall at mile 10, but I just kept pushing."

Batz, 35, of Arbutus, ran the 5K and finished in 46 minutes, 38 seconds.

"I felt a little sickness afterward, but a bunch of us are going out for some carbo-loading to replenish those nutrients," she said. Batz is nearly 6 months pregnant.

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