A Florida woman drives car onto golf course during a U.S. Open qualifier. That's something you don't see every day.

But it happened Thursday in Hollywood at The Club at Emerald Hills. The South Florida course was hosting a U.S. Open qualifier when a woman -- apparently lost -- started driving her car on the par 4, No. 11 hole.

The woman drives along the side of the fairway before going into a waste bunker and turning around. The No. 11 hole is pretty far from any road -- so there's no telling how long she was driving on the course. The club gives this tip for the No. 11: "A short hole with O.B. left and right. Usually facing a left to right wind, which is not good for slicers. Still, this hole is a good birdie opportunity."

There' no mention of whether it's also a shortcut to Mable's house.

Watch the video below, but be warned there's some NSFW language as the golfers react to seeing the woman.

GolfChannel.com reports: "Despite the unexpected drive-through, the qualifier went on as scheduled. Five players shot 71 or better to advance to the sectional stage, including Manuel Villegas, brother of Camilo who medaled with a 68, and PGA Tour veteran Marc Turnesa, who carded a 69."

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