Stan Van Gundy is worried about the Milwaukee Bucks.

So much so that when Van Gundy spoke to his Orlando Magic players this morning, Van Gundy likened the Bucks to tigers and the Magic to Siegfried and Roy.

You read that right.

Van Gundy warned his players that they could be headed for a Siegfried-and-Roy mauling if they take the Bucks lightly tonight at Amway Center.

The Magic have played the Bucks three times since Feb. 11, and the Magic arguably took the Bucks for granted each time. Milwaukee built up fourth-quarter leads in each game, but Orlando was fortunate enough to have big fourth-quarter comebacks, winning 99-94 on Feb. 11, 94-85 on Feb. 17 and 93-90 on Feb. 20.

“All three games have been the same way, and you worry a little bit about our approach,” Van Gundy said today. “If you think you can just turn it on, you’re gonna be in trouble.

“I told ’em it’s like Siegfried and Roy today. They played with those tigers for 13 years and everything was good and they got away with playing with ’em. And then, after 13 years, Roy found out that the tiger is still a tiger, with not very good results.

“As Dwight said today, the message of that is, ‘Don’t get bit.’ Seriously.”

Ryan Anderson actually saw Siegfried and Roy perform many years ago.

Anderson and his teammates understood Van Gundy’s tiger analogy.

“Yeah, you never know when they’re just going to come out and attack,” Anderson said.

“We’ve had our opportunity to play and get the game down to the wire every game, and we’ve played around with them,” he said later. “And, now, it’s their time to fight back a little bit, so they’re kind of like a tiger. You never know what they’re thinking.”

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