A salute to the MetLife Stadium cleanup crew that has to turn the place around from a Wednesday game to this one. Wonder how many suicidal Giants fans they will find? The game? Well, Tim Tebow had a preseason QB rating of 26.5,so he's in mid-season form.

Jerry says: In a Tim-swears-it-will-never-happen-again Upset Special, Bills by 1.

You can find all of my Week 1 picks at thebeatofsports.com — and also enter Clear Channel's nationwide contest there along with having the chance to take me on — mano a mano — on the radio. And, yes, I picked the Giants like a fool,so I am 0-1.

Here's the notes, folks

•I know what's on your mind: This NHL labor dispute seems far more bitter than all the other NHL labor disputes. What? That isn't on your mind? Never mind.

Speaking of Dwight Howard, if you are not a fan of TMZ you may have missed Howard's tale that he sat on a toilet and the earth shook — or something like that.

Mountain Dew mixed with orange juice? Taco Bell is loco.

How would you like to be the guy whose job is to clean Jerry Jones' glasses — on national TV? But what am I sayin'? A job is a job.

Don't care what Cleveland says. You did good, Art Modell.

Closing with a monkey story

Our first Sunday together in a long time, so we want to finish strong. What can be better than an epic story about a mysterious monkey in the jungles of Tampa? Jon Mooallem wrote it a few weeks back for The New York Times and I've been saving it for today. It's long and it's amazing. Check it out here.

Have a great Sunday and see you next week.

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