Remembering Deacon Jones and sports' greatest nicknames

Back in the early 1970s, Cocoa Beach had a great nightclub known as Lee Caron's Carnival Club. It had a restroom with a gold-plated trough. And at about chest level there was a horizontal gold bar that was heated. At 2 a.m. there was something wonderful about hanging on to that bar. Show biz was great.

The readers write...

• "North Dakota has the most golf courses per capita. It also is considered the 'safest state' and has more road miles per capita." -- Bill G., Orlando/Kanai, Ark./Rugby, N.D. (How many golf courses is that, Bill? Four?)

• "In response to your comment, 'So if Dwight Howard jumps to Houston, do we all have to hate the Rockets next season?'" the answer is no. However, if Howard does jump to the Rockets, it won't take long before the most commonly heard words coming out of there will be: "Houston, we've got a problem." -- Brad J., Longwood. (Good one, Brad.)

• "Will you explain how great the Heat looked all season only to be struggling now?" -- Lois S., Oviedo. (No.)

These are the notes, folks

•Speaking of Pete Rose, 72, he has a booth at the Mirage in Las Vegas where he earns more than a million bucks a year signing autographs and peddling memorabilia. Said Rose to The Wall Street Journal: "Every three days, there's different people." Hey, Pete, if you really want to make money, come here where our entire population changes every three days.

•The International Journal of Sport Finance did a study of 60 NBA coaches and claims to have found that only 16 had a positive impact on the number of games won by their teams. If that's true, why pay them more than minimum wage?

Tracy Morgan will star in a TV pilot for a series about an unlikely war hero. Now that's good casting.

•You've got to love cable TV. We may soon have a cable channel for each decade of TV shows from the '60s to the '90s. Oh sure, nothing for the '50s despite "The Lone Ranger," "The Three Stooges Show," and "I Love Lucy."

•Three times during the baseball draft, Bud Selig referred to it as the "2000" draft. If Selig asked, A-Rod could probably give him something that would help with that.

•A guy was wearing a paper bag at an Angels game and was told to take it off. Maybe he was trying to criticize the Angels but maybe he just thinks he's really ugly.

•The Toronto Raptors are considering changing their name. Great idea. How about the Dallas Raptors?

•Question about "Game of Thrones": Has any show killed everybody in the cast? And how many divorced guys watched "the Red Wedding" episode and thought: "Reminds me of my first marriage."

•The flick "After Earth" was directed by M. Night Shyamalan and actually stars Will Smith's son while Will sits around and essentially does nothing. Raise your hand if you are surprised it's a bomb.

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