When he was asked the same question, Ross responded, "no one ever said that."

Ross, who was a wide receiver and is now a UCF football graduate assistant, was asked if O'Leary ever ordered the athletic trainers and water be removed. Ross responded, "never." Ross was then asked how sure he was it never happened, Ross responded, "100 percent."

During cross examination by Plancher family attorney Steve Yerrid, asked Weaver whether O'Leary controlled his scholarship and determined how much playing time he will get during his upcoming senior season. Weaver responded, "yes."

Yerrid highlighted that Ross is currently working for O'Leary and was recruited by the coach.

When Ross was asked if he called players who spoke outside the team's "circle" to media outlets about Plancher's final workout "cowards," Ross responded, "Yes, because they lied."

When Ross was asked to elaborate on why he called them cowards, he responded, "You use national television and media as a way to bend the truth about what went on. You're a coward in my mindYou can't say it to your teammates. You're a coward, you're a liar."

During redirect cross examination, Ross was asked if Watters – who was a friend of his while they both played at UCF -- was a coward. Ross said he was referring to players who have not testified, spoke to ESPN and left the program.

"When I heard through the media the things that he said, it upset me," Ross said of Watters' testimony about Plancher's final workout. "It was shocking that he said that. I don't know why Brian Watters would come out and say things that he did."Weaver began his testimony by telling the jury about the offseason conditioning drills the team did in 2007 and 2008 leading up to Plancher's final workout. He told the jury he was in "tip top shape" before leaving for spring break in March 2008.

He demonstrated some conditioning drills for the jurors. Weaver stated that he worked out during the nine day spring break leading up to the March 18, 2008, conditioning drills, but he did not strictly follow the conditioning instructions he was by the UCF coaches.

He then told the jury about Plancher's last workout. He said the team lifted weights for about an hour to an hour and 40 minutes, then went to the locker room for four to five minutes to change into cleats. He said players could catch their breath, then moved quickly to the fieldhouse for conditioning drills. Weaver testified the drills lasted about 25 minutes.

Weaver told the jury the team did three agility stations, then had a brief break while coaches set up an obstacle course. He testified the team had never done the obstacle course before but the team had done all the drills included in the course.

He stated he went through the obstacle course and drank water before going through it a second time. He said the team had another brief break while coaches removed he obstacle course and the team lined up for sideline-to-sideline sprints.

Weaver stated he noticed Plancher appear to trip out of the corner of his eye. He stated Plancher finished about 10 yards behind offensive line, which he agreed during cross examination was unusual. Weaver said he could not say for sure whether Plancher fell all the way to the ground.

O'Leary and at least four other witnesses have testified he called the team in for a huddle, then sent them back to the sideline to run sprints because quarterback Nate Tice dropped his head and wasn't looking at the head coach. The team never actually ran the second sprint. Weaver said he could not recall that portion of the workout.

Weaver testified the first time he really noticed Plancher was in distress was during jumping jacks. He said Plancher looked weak and wasn't doing them properly. When Plancher didn't walk off the field with his teammates, Weaver said he was among the players who helped him off the field. He said shortly after they put his arm over their shoulders, Plancher completely collapsed and a total of four players had to help carry him off the field.

Weaver said assistant athletic trainer Robert Jackson ran toward Plancher within 20 seconds from the time the player collapsed and began treating Plancher.

Ross, Weaver and Newsome said O'Leary called a team meeting later in the afternoon to announce Plancher had died.

"Everyone in there, we were all crying," Ross stated. "Everyone. There wasn't a dry eye in there."

Weaver said O'Leary reminded the players of the team policy not to speak to the media. Weaver said O'Leary stated he had not had a chance to speak with Plancher's parents and didn't want them to hear different accounts of what had happened from others.

Ross provided a similar account of the workout, saying he thought Plancher stumbled during the sideline-to-sideline sprint and the first time he noticed Plancher having trouble was during the jumping jacks at the end of the workout.