Saints fans savor wins, while Steelers supporters don't cope well with losses

The year is almost over and the holiday season surrounds us all.

The happiest times.

The saddest times.

Thus the perfect time to acquaint you with a fascinating study of tweets emitting from the 32 NFL cities immediately after the home team wins — or the home team loses.

"We had access to all the tweets," said Emory University marketing professor Manish Tripathi during an interview on The Beat of Sports on 740-AM (WYGM). "It was fascinating to see which communities were happiest about wins or saddest about losses."

The results are based on tweeting after the entire 2012 season — so don't expect to see Kansas City among the happiest or Baltimore among the saddest.

No teasing: Here are the five happiest hometown fan groups after a victory, in order from the happiest: New Orleans, Cleveland, Oakland, Seattle and Chicago.

Saints make sense, knowing the symbolic nature of the team to the community. I suspect no American team means more to its fans than the Saints.

(Warning! Cheap shot ahead!) Cleveland and Oakland make sense because who doesn't love a pleasant surprise?

The Seahawks have become a Seattle cult group. And Chicago compensates for the Cubs.

OK, here are the lowest five after a loss: Pittsburgh, Detroit, New England, Miami and Oakland.

Pittsburgh must be going through the worst stage of denial. Detroit should be used to it but keeps getting suckered by on-off Lions. New England can't believe it. Miami? Really? They care? And Oakland makes both lists, yet another reason to stay away from schizophrenic Oakland.

Tripathi called Dallas the "most stable" fan base because the Cowboys had the least difference in feelings after a win or loss. To me, that means "most apathetic." And why not when you consider how long they've been teased? As already indicated, Oakland was the "least stable." No argument there.

Florida's teams?

Jacksonville was ninth happiest, 23rd saddest; Tampa 26th happiest, sixth saddest; Miami 21st happiest, fourth saddest.

Does this tell us anything? Well, losing seems to hurt Miami and Tampa a lot, while Jacksonville sounds numb. Other than that, I say "pass the eggnog and we'll worry about it next year."

Five fabulous football picks

LAST WEEK: Why don't we talk some more about Week 14 when I only missed on two games? No? Week 15? You are cruel but I can take it. A monstrous 7-9 straight up (139-84-1 for season) and just slightly better against the spread at 7-8-1 (107-109-8 for season). Goals are to stay more than .600 straight up and reach .500 against the spread. If you believe, clap your hands. ... Hello? Anybody there?

Tennessee (5-9) at Jacksonville (4-10) — Titans favored by 5

Seriously, will anyone be here? Well, it won't snow, so maybe, but not because of the football. Using the word "momentum" here is laughable but Jags have won four of last five. However, Titan QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is trying to prove he's a worthy starter somewhere next season. Question: If Jags move to London, do we still have to watch their road games?



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