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"True spirit of baseball" has nothing to do with this. A better question is what kind of spirit does it take to "chicken" your way into a batting title? Someone with a team spirit wouldn't do it, neither would someone with a true competitive spirit.

Can you imagine Ryan Braun, who was forced to play an entire game for the good of his playoff-bound team while chasing Reyes, deciding to sit out? It seems Reyes was calculating his batting average while trying to count how much a batting title would earn him in free agency this winter.

So if you're a general manager, would you pay millions for someone whose spirit revolves around himself?

Twitter backlash

Bill Shaikin

Los Angeles Times

We turn to Twitter.

Texas Rangers pitcher C.J. Wilson (@str8edgeracer): "Seriously people — taking out a star player to preserve his batting average lead ... weak! I hope ryan braun goes 5-5 and wins the title now."

Former major league catcher Gregg Zaun (@greggzaun): "I hope Braun gets 4 hits and wins the title tonight. Gutless move by Reyes and the Mets. Ted Williams' spirit will haunt them."