Reyes is anti-baseball

Paul Doyle

Hartford Courant

In one of the greatest 24-hour stretches in baseball history, fans were treated to wall-to-wall drama.

Everywhere, players were seizing the moment. Then there's Jose Reyes, who decided to sit on his moment. He left the Mets' game after his first-inning bunt single in an effort to secure a batting title.

Reyes isn't just the anti-Ted Williams, he's anti-everything we love about baseball. Even his manager, baseball lifer Terry Collins, said he understood the jeering he heard from the crowd.

Collins reportedly was honoring a request from Reyes, so most of the blame goes to the player. On a day that reminded us why baseball is so great, Reyes and the Mets stood out for all the wrong reasons. He won a tainted title.

Disgrace and disgust

Tom Housenick

Morning Call

There was nothing about the way Reyes' season ended that is in the true spirit of baseball. There is so much disgrace and disgust to go around.

Reyes said he was humbled and honored to win the NL batting title, but he should be humiliated and dishonored.

He said it means so much for his family and country. Translation: It means so much to the free agent shortstop's wallet.

Mets manager Collins should be fired for allowing the move, saying he worked hard to earn the players' respect and didn't want to lose it now.

And, sadly, David Wright defended Reyes and wondered what the big deal was. The big deal is Reyes proved the game is about money, status and individual achievement.

That's playing chicken

Dave van Dyck