Chicago Tribune

Nothing against David Stern, Tim Finchem or Gary Bettman, but in the modern landscape of sports executives, there are two guys who stand above the rest. They, of course, are Bud Selig and Roger "Tuck Your Shirttail In, Son'' Goodell.

One of the two has crawled through muck and mire to personally help dozens of players out of tough spots while also guiding his game to unprecedented heights. That's Selig. You probably shouldn't have to pay him that much. I bet he'd stick around for the major league minimum.

The guy who needs to be paid is Goodell. After all, he's got Jerry Jones and Daniel Snyder to put up with. That's real work.

Goodell's league rules

Paul Doyle

Hartford Courant

The NFL has never been more popular, and Goodell managed to steer his league through a labor crisis without any damage.

So if Bud Selig is pulling in more than $20 million a year — his reported salary — Roger Goodell should be in the neighborhood or even higher.

Stern's mishandling of the Chris Paul trade is enough to keep him below Goodell. Gary Bettman's longtime infatuation with warm-weather markets drops the NHL commissioner out of contention. And while Selig has presided over an era of unprecedented growth and prosperity, he's had some bumps.

Goodell's league is at the top of the sport world, and his salary should reflect that.