Goodell made best better

David Teel

Daily Press

Is this a trick question? Like who's buried in Grant's tomb? Sports' highest-paid commissioner should be the leader of the most successful league, the venture that draws the largest audience and rakes in the most cash. Bless their hearts, that is not Gary Bettman, Bud Selig or David Stern.

Yes, the NFL's Roger Goodell inherited a gold mine from Paul Tagliabue and Pete Rozelle. And no, his six years in charge have not been seamless. But big picture, Goodell has achieved the elusive: He's made the best better. Perhaps most important, he helped negotiate a 10-year labor deal between ownership and players without missing a game. Sometimes the answer is obvious. Sometimes the answer is not Grant's horse.

Shouldn't be Selig

Helene Elliott

Los Angeles Times

By most measures the best commissioner is Roger Goodell of the NFL because he has continued the growth in revenues and franchise values and negotiated a new labor deal without losing regular-season games. NBA boss David Stern is widely regarded as the dean of commissioners, but his legacy was tarnished by losing part of this season to a lockout and inability to solve franchise problems in several cities.

Bud Selig negotiated a labor deal that ensures MLB peace over the next decade, which owners apparently believe justifies paying him roughly $22 million a year and making him the highest-paid commissioner in major league sports. Not their first mistake, is it?

Two best: Selig, Goodell

Phil Rogers