The new owners are scheduled to take over May 1, so free agents and trades will have to wait. Will the front-office executives remain in place for the rest of the season?

Kasten: "For sure. I go in assuming everyone is doing their job properly. The problems that have been reported over the last few years have to do with organizational problems. I look forward to spending time with everyone and seeing how I can help them.

"I think the duties of a president are to make sure everything is organized, to make sure you have the right people in the right boxes, and to get people the resources they need to do their job. Resources means money, but it also means support. It means time. I think, with those things, the people now there can be successful. I don't have any plans to come in and change things right now."


What about renovations to Dodger Stadium?

Walter: "We don't have anything specific. We are open to and will rigorously consider anything and everything that is going to make the fan experience better."

Johnson: "You got a man in Stan who built two stadiums."

Kasten: "And a pretty cool arena." (Turner Field and Philips Arena in Atlanta, and Nationals Park in Washington.)

Johnson: "He knows what the fan experience should be like. We're excited to lean on him to make sure the fan experience is great, to make sure that they get from their cars to their seats and back to their cars safe, and that they have an incredible time."


Will fans see parking structures in the Dodger Stadium parking lot?

Kasten: "There are none on the drawing board."


McCourt previously has proposed parking structures. The sale allows him to share ownership of the parking lots, with any development subject to the approval of both McCourt and the new owners. How concerned should fans be about what might happen to their iconic ballpark?

Walter: "We care very much. We bought this franchise to maintain and build it to be the best franchise it can possibly be, from on the field to fan experience and how it relates to the community. We don't think there is anything we ever would let happen that would be inconsistent with that — and parking is just part of that."


How concerned are the new owners about going into business with McCourt, whose history is dotted with litigation against his business partners?

Walter: "My experience with him has not been like that. We have respect with each other, in terms of the things we care very much about. He believes there is long-term value in that. He used the number 30 years. I told him we would care very much about the fan experience and could not be associated with anything that would not have that in mind. So I project that we will have a positive relationship."


The Dodgers just sold for three times what any baseball team ever has sold for. How does this deal make business sense?