Peter Angelos acknowledged having paid a "premium" for the Orioles when he purchased them for $173 million — then a record for a pro sports team — in 1993 but said he was willing to do so to bring the team under local control. If he would like to sell to another Marylander — or, more likely, a group of Marylanders — there are a few options:


Founder and former chairman and CEO of Legg Mason

Like Angelos, Mason is seen as an up-from-the-bootstrap success story who showed loyalty to Baltimore. Fans have floated his name hopefully for years, and they would view him as having the clout and savvy to return the Orioles to winning. Mason did not respond to requests for comment.


Ravens owner

Bisciotti, whom Forbes estimates to be worth $1.4 billion, told The Baltimore Sun he has his "hands full as far as how much interest and time and money" he dedicates to owning the Ravens and would not be able to invest in the Orioles.


Under Armour founder

The former Maryland football player has invested in Maryland horse racing with the goal of returning it to the forefront of the sport. Why not the Orioles? According to Forbes, Plank is worth $1.1 billion. Plank did not respond to an interview request.


Hall of Famer and former Oriole

Fans clamor for Ripken, who has stayed involved in baseball through charitable work and with investments in minor league teams. He has said in the past that he would be interested in joining a potential ownership group.

The Angelos era