Also remarkable about Palmer's career is his longstanding association with the Orioles. Palmer has been around the team for nearly half a century, the only player to be on each of the organization's six World Series teams and now a broadcaster chronicling its recent history (and misery) that now includes 14 straight losing seasons.

Unlike fellow Hall of Famer Jon Miller, whose candor led to his departure as the team's play-by-play announcer, Palmer has been allowed to speak his mind.

"As a broadcaster, it's pretty black and white," Palmer said. "Did you score more runs than the other team? Obviously, for the past 14 years the Orioles haven't done that. They have to figure out a way to do that…

"We had some pretty dominant ballclubs. I get a good sense of having been a part of that and how fortunate I was to see Frank Robinson and Brooks, to also play with Eddie Murray and see Cal start his streak, I think I was on the mound that day. I got to see all of that."

Said Dempsey: "I still enjoy listening to him. His insight into the game is very informative, even to those of us who have played the game for so long. He still sees things in games that a lot of people don't see, and the reasons why. His approach is magnificent even as a commentator. He never runs out of things to say about a baseball game. He's the best color guy I've ever heard and truly the perfectionist he's always been about the game."

Palmer does not know where his sculpture, which undoubtedly will feature his trademark high leg kick, will be located in relation to the one honoring Weaver. But keeping in the tradition of trading jibes the former diminuitive manager, whose statue is some 7-feet tall, Palmer joked, "Hopefully hovering over."

Despite a relationship that made great fodder for those following the team, Palmer said that he has long given Weaver the credit he deserves.

"When I got into the Hall of Fame, I said that the great thing about playing for Earl was that he trusted me," Palmer said. "He gave me the ball every four days. He might have told a Mike Flanagan, 'Watch what he does', which is the ultimate compliment. When I mentioned it to Earl, he said, 'I told them all that.' He knew I was prepared. I'm sure I probably annoyed him. I know he annoyed me. He allowed me to win all those games. What more can you ask?"

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