For the first time in two years, though, Reimold said he feels like he's getting closer to returning to the major leagues for good.

"It's been really tough," Reimold said. "It's been really frustrating and depressing, too. You watch the game, and you watch everyone out there, and sometimes you just want to shut it off and just try to block it out, especially when you're at home and you can't physically do anything. …

"It's not that I didn't want to watch the games. I do follow the team now, for sure. There's a point and time when I just wanted to walk it out because it just starts ruining your day when you start thinking about it. I'm progressing. I'm doing well. I feel like I can get up there and help the team again if they want me."

Nolan Reimold's career statistics

Year; Games; Avg.; HRs; RBIs

2009; 104; .279; 15; 45

2010; 39; .207; 3; 14

2011; 87; .247; 13; 45

2012; 16; .313; 5; 10

2013; 40; .195; 5; 12