The 2016 game likely will be held Tuesday, July 12, though it's possible it could be moved back until Tuesday, July 19, depending on scheduling. There's no set time for Selig to make the announcement, though it's reasonable to surmise it will happen before this season ends in October.

"Obviously, the sooner we know, the more time we have available to us to execute everything we need to," Hasseltine said. "But as long as it is done during this active season, we should be in good position to execute all those things that go with delivering an MLB All-Star Game."

A possible obstacle

The Orioles' primary American League rival for the game seems to be Toronto, which last hosted one at the SkyDome (now Rogers Centre) in 1991. The other two AL teams that have gone longer without hosting the Midsummer Classic are the Oakland Athletics (1997) and Tampa Bay Rays (never). But MLB is not likely to showcase either of those stadiums — both areas would like to have new ballparks.

The one potential roadblock for Baltimore hosting in 2016 is that Washington, D.C., which hasn't been an All-Star Game site since 1969 at RFK Stadium, also wants the baseball showcase as soon as possible at Nationals Park.

If the pattern of alternating leagues continues, then Washington likely would be a candidate for 2017. So the commissioner's office would have to decide whether it wanted to hold the event in the same region in consecutive years — which it doesn't normally do.

"That's a tricky call, and I understand where the commissioner would be on that one," Hasseltine said. "Putting the All-Star Game in the same region in back-to-back years would be very challenging."

The most recent example of major league cities in fairly close proximity hosting consecutive All-Star events was in 2002 in Milwaukee and 2003 in Chicago. The last time it happened before that — and in the same state — was in Cincinnati in 1953 and Cleveland in 1954.

One way to avoid it, Hasseltine said, is for Selig to skip alternating leagues for one year — he did that in 2006 and 2007 when National League cities Pittsburgh and San Francisco were granted consecutive games — though Selig made it clear that he would like to continue that pattern.

"It might be a situation where the game could be in Baltimore in 2016, and maybe another American League city the next year, and then get back onto that every-other-year rotation [in 2018], if they wanted to stay outside of the region [in two straight years]," Hasseltine said.

Basu said that having the All-Star Game at Camden Yards would do wonders for the city's reputation for crime and its role in television shows such as "The Wire" and "Homicide: Life on the Street" in the past.

"Having the sporting world focus on Baltimore and its beautiful stadium and gorgeous downtown for three days has got to generate reputational enhancements," Basu said. "The fact of the matter is, presuming that Baltimore will host another All-Star Game, Baltimore will be a winner."

Baltimore Sun reporters Alejandro Zuniga and Yvonne Wenger contributed to this article.

Baseball in 1993

Orioles record: 85-77, 3rd in AL East

AL champion: Toronto Blue Jays

NL champion: Philadelphia Phillies

World Series champion: Blue Jays in six games

AL Most Valuable Player: Frank Thomas, Chicago White Sox

NL Most Valuable Player: Barry Bonds, San Francisco Giants

AL Cy Young: Jack McDowell, White Sox

NL Cy Young: Greg Maddux, Atlanta Braves

All-Star Game MVP: Kirby Puckett, Minnesota Twins