Will the Orioles make the playoffs?

The Baltimore Sun

The sky was falling in Baltimore not too long ago.

Now, suddenly, there’s some season and fight left in Baltimore’s other birds after all.

Yes, these Orioles have flaws: The bullpen has shown cracks, they don’t have a true ace – though Chris Tillman is trying to change that thinking – and they have had terrible trouble manufacturing runs.

But on Sunday the Orioles picked up three sacrifice flies – the third time since the start of the 2000 season that they’ve done that. And two of those runs were set up by hard, aggressive baserunning.

You can make an argument that Sunday’s 10-3 victory against the Oakland A’s was the Orioles’ best and most important to date. It brought them within two games of the A’s in the AL Wild Card race and gave them the series against a very dangerous Oakland team.

Starting Tuesday, the Orioles begin a crucial, nine-game road trip to Boston, New York and Cleveland.

We’ll know so much more about this team when they head back to Baltimore for Sept. 5 – which, incidentally, is the Ravens opener.

In the bar today, I want to hear what you have to say about this upcoming trip and this current team. Is what we saw this weekend indicative of what the Orioles are capable of accomplishing? Are they about to seize this season? Or is this week the beginning of the end?

Make the most important late call of the bar/baseball season. What happens these next five weeks?

Daily Think Special: Do these Orioles make the playoffs?

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