2. Tommy Hunter's hat

Of all the bizarre things that happened in 2012, nothing was weirder than what occurred in the bullpen during the Orioles' 18-inning victory in Seattle on Sept. 18 -- the longest, innings-wise, of the 18 regular season games that went extra innings for the Orioles. Before the 16th inning, Hunter (above) was about to enter the game to pitch when something hit his hat. He thought it was fellow reliever Luis Ayala throwing gum at him. But it was actually a Seattle seahawk -- the bird variety -- relieving itself at Safeco Field. Hunter couldn't believe what happened. But everyone told him it was good luck so he kept the excrement on his hat and pitched two innings for the win. He was jokingly irate afterward: "It's my favorite hat. It sucks. It's terrible."
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